Motorcycle tour within Europe 2023: Guide, price and tips

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Table of Contents

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So don’t forget to take a piece of paper to write down everything we’re going to mention, so that you’re fully prepared for whatever comes your way on this trip!

Everything you need to know about touring Europe by motorbike

Do you imagine yourself travelling on a motorbike, admiring the landscapes of Europe, feeling the breeze on your clothes and stopping for a hot coffee in a cafe in Italy? Or do you want to travel with your two-wheeled companion to get away from the comfort that trains, planes or even buses offer? Whatever your situation, bear in mind that this dream is closer than you think. Travelling by motorbike can provide you with sensations and a unique dazzling journey, with everything at your fingertips, in an economical way and that will be worth it without a doubt.

Therefore, it is necessary for you to know what you need to travel by motorbike and everything you need to understand to finally make your motorcycle tour in Europe. So, here is some information that will help you!


Photo by Harley-Davidson on Unsplash

When making a trip, it is necessary to ask several questions and review if such an opportunity is really within your reach. So, it is important to plan your trip, so that this way there are no headaches or even a trip that you do not like. Here are some questions that are important for you to decide if travelling by motorbike through Europe will really be a good experience:

  • Which attractions do I want to see?
  • Which events do I want to attend?
  • Which countries and regions do I want to visit?
  • How long do I want and can I afford to travel?
  • How much time will I have during my trip?
  • Do I know how to ride a motorbike and do I have all my papers up to date?

If the answers are positive and you are decided about your trip, what are you waiting for? Plan now your tour in Europe by motorbike, besides saving on air tickets, you will have perfect experiences. Maybe you still don’t know how to plan a complete trip, so take a look at How to Travel Europe Cheap: 5 tips that will help you, so you can save a lot!


Another question you must decide is whether you will travel in a group or completely alone. It is obvious that any option has its advantages and disadvantages, so you must be prepared for any situation. So, we have separated the advantages of travelling alone and travelling in a group, so that you can decide which option is more viable and comfortable.

If you intend to travel in a group, know that:

  • You will have someone to help if you have problems.
  • You will have companions to share the fun experiences and help chase away the loneliness, being able to dialogue daily, have fun and even do group activities.
  • You can get cheaper group rates on tours and accommodation.

Now, if you wish to travel alone, know that:

  • You will never have to compromise on which countries to visit or attractions to see, as there will be no likely opinions contrary to yours.
  • There is no concern about the coordination of the group and whether everyone is keeping up.
  • Booking accommodation will generally be easier if you are on your own.
  • You won’t return home with strained relationships if you don’t get along during the trip, avoiding headaches, occasional fights and disagreements.

The choice is yours alone, just decide the best option and do your motorbike tour in Europe.


Photo by Andrei Ianovskii on Unsplash

Sending your bike to Europe is a choice not very recommended, after all, it will be an extra problem and will generate many expenses, which makes this option not economical at all. If you want to save money on your trip, a good advice is to rent a motorbike, because Europe contains several companies that rent motorbikes for tourists. Some companies to recommend are Hertz, MotoAdventours and AdriatcMotours.

In a way to help you, we have separated some types of bikes and their rental prices. Check below:

  • Touring: if you want to go on a long trip, regardless of the season, know that the Touring is extremely recommended for you. Besides being big and having a stability with more cargo capacity, it can carry up to two people and gives you more autonomy, since the fuel tank is bigger. For being wide and heavy, this motorbike has a lower performance in relation to other types of motorbikes, however, the stability on the track and speed end up making up for it.
  • Sport touring: This type of motorbike has a higher windshield and a seat in a position that provides comfort to those who are riding. Its main feature is versatility with a sportier design, being produced especially for travel
  • Big trail: If you are looking for a motorbike with power and comfort, keep in mind that big trail motorbikes are quite versatile, produced to face any type of terrain, be it earth or asphalt. This option helps you save money, as this motorbike is more financially accessible, having a more adventurous characteristic, offering a wide compatibility in relation to travel accessories.
  • Cruisers: Don’t you like the size of other motorbikes? Cruisers have the closest seats to the ground, making them a popular motorbike for short-statured riders; it’s clear that they approach practicality and plenty of style on two wheels, helping you get on and off. 
  • Standard: Are you looking for a motorbike that fits any destination? Standard motorbikes can help you from a commute to your home to a long trip. Despite being basic, they can be optimised according to the rider’s needs.

Now all you have to do is choose the one that is ideal for you and rent it, however, remember that bigger motorbikes can end up making your trip more difficult, since some roads in Europe are narrow. Don’t forget that there are several official websites and companies that you can find to make your purchase in a safe way!


Choosing a motorbike for travelling is clearly essential, however, knowing what equipment is needed for your trip in Europe is without a doubt an extremely important necessity. So, take a look at this list and check if everything is within your reach!

  • The most important thing: your and international driver’s license, if possible in a separate waterproof container with backup photocopies stored. The weather is changeable and depending on the season you are travelling, rain may occur, given this, it is good to avoid your documents getting wet.The most important thing: your passport and international driver’s license, if possible in a separate waterproof container with backup photocopies stored. The weather is changeable and depending on the season you are travelling, rain may occur, given this, it is good to avoid your documents getting wet.
  • Have you ever thought in case any damage occurs to your bike? Therefore, a roadside plane repair kit will help you in any situation, preventing you from being left on the side of the road without any help.
  • Have you ever thought in case any damage occurs to your bike? Therefore, a roadside plane repair kit will help you in any situation, preventing you from being left on the side of the road without any help.
  • It is important that you take your bottle of water with you and if you do not intend to stop at snack bars or restaurants to eat, it is necessary that you take your snack with you.
  • As we mentioned, it may rain while driving, so have waterproof equipment, a good example is a waterproof bag with your clothes or most important belongings.
  • We obviously cannot forget the helmet, so that you travel safely and before the law.
  • It is good to take a pair of walking shoes with you in case you want to explore the local towns and so on.
  • There are essential items for survival, such as a first aid kit, tapes, pocket knife and other objects.
  • If you are travelling in summer, remember to wear light clothing, now if you are travelling in cold weather such as autumn or winter, thermal or insulated clothing is important.


Have you ever wondered what are the best options for spending the night on a motorcycle tour? Know that the answer is easy. If you want to save a lot of money, a great recommendation is to stay in hostels or hostels instead of staying in local hotels. At least in hostels you can meet new people and share the costs with the person staying with you.

There are some hostel and hostel recommendations for you:

  • Old Town Alur Hostel (Estonia): The daily cost is €12,71 ($14,50). The Hostel is laid back in the historic centre and offers a great location, close to restaurants, public transport and so on. 3 star rating.
  • Patio Hostel (Slovakia): With free laundry, bar and a good atmosphere. You will pay per night around €17.47 ($19.93).

Another option that might surprise you is camping, so you can not only save money, but it can also be a new experience for your trip. From sleeping in a tent or in a hammock, it’s your choice! Remember to book your camping in advance. If you want to know more about camping in europe, check out:

Camping in Portugal 2023: Prices, Spots, tips and more!

The last option, but not least, are the hotels themselves, you can find some fairly cheap ones (usually 2 to 3 star hotels), that is if you want to sleep comfortably in a bed by yourself.

Be sure to check out two hotel recommendations for you:

  • Atlantic Garden Resort (Ukraine): The hotel has absolutely everything you need, be it spa, clean rooms, restaurants with great and cheap food, and friendly staff. The daily rate is around €25.10 ($28.64).
  • A&O Prague Rhea (Prague): Being a stripped-down, cheap hotel with a good location and great service. It accepts pets and despite being economical, it manages to be a luxurious environment. You will pay around €11.76 ($13.42) per night.


A question often asked about the motorcycle tour, is the average daily cost expected to be spent. Know that the expenses for a day vary according to your choice, a good example is if you will sleep in a hotel or intend to go camping, obviously practicing camping will be much cheaper than sleeping in lodgings, however, if you intend to rent hotels for nights, eat in restaurants or visit certain excursions or tours, know that it will cost a little more.

To decide your budget to spend on a daily basis, check where your money will go:

  • Accommodation. It is up to you to decide which option is more viable, whether you spend the night in a hostel, hotel or outdoors in a camp. If you choose a hotel, opt for single rooms, it will be cheaper.
  • Travel, transport and rent. These expenses depend on where you live, because if the distance is great, it may be necessary to pay a plane or ship ticket. A good choice is to rent a motorbike from Europe, so you will not have more expenses with the transportation of your motorbike. However, if you still intend to take your own motorbike, opt for boat, it will certainly be cheaper.
  • Bike rental. Know that there are a few options for you, however the most recommended is to book a bike and pay in advance online.  The price of bike hire is £120 to £150 per day.
  • Meals. Unfortunately, meals are one of the most expensive expenses in a motorcycle tour to Europe. You can stay in a hotel that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner can be consumed in some local restaurant.
  • Fuel. Fuel prices in Europe can end up being cheaper and it is clear that it is something important for your trip. If you want to check petrol prices in European countries, the website globalpetrolprices.com is a great recommendation.
  • Tours and excursions (optional). It is necessary that you add some extra money for your tours and excursions. Prices can be found online if you wish to check in advance, as you can buy tickets at home.

According to the prices spent by other travellers, the daily rate was around €150 per day, which is equivalent to $171.11; therefore:


Now, if you want to know the average total cost of a motorcycle tour in Europe, keep in mind that the price may vary according to the amount of days you intend to stay riding. Accordingly, here lies some predicted values to be spent based on some amounts of days on the trip:

  • 3-day trip: from €450 ($513.38).
  • 7 day trip: from €1,050 ($1,197.89).
  • 10 days on the go: from €1050 ($1. 711.27).
  • 15 days on the go: from €2,250 ($2. 566.91).
  • 20 days on the go: from €3,000 ($3,438.69).

It is worth mentioning that prices may vary according to your choice of hotel, food and transportation. Therefore, it is necessary to make a sum of all your expenses in advance and carry extra money in case you need more or lack a certain amount.


Do you intend to travel by motorbike, however you don’t have much experience in this matter? Of course tips are important, even more when we intend to travel to another place that presents culture, gastronomy and customs totally different. Because of this, it is necessary that you have in mind some information that can instruct and help you in this journey. Check below:


  • Bring your necessary documents and don’t forget your travel insurance.
  • Be careful when planning your route as Europe has many expensive tolls. If you want to check prices, visit: https://www.tollsmart.com/european-toll-calculator/
  • Speeding in Europe can be very risky as there are countries that impose expensive fines.
  • The best season to visit depends on which country is included in your route.
  • Your luggage must not hinder your riding performance.
  • Keep an eye on the weather and be prepared in case of rain and storms.
  • Have a GPS to guide you, if using the phone as a GPS, have a local SIM card or map at hand.
  • Remember to stay out of the left-hand lane, only do this to overtake another car.
  • There are many bizarre regulations and rules in Europe, so keep in mind which ones are from the country you are visiting, this way you will prevent later fines.
  • Don’t forget to explore the places you are passing through, this way you can find new landscapes, cafes and much cheaper accommodation
  • Be wary of the pavement in Europe, as there are places where the old roads are littered with bricks and many other building materials.
  • If you want to see more information on tips, take a look at https://motorbikewriter.com/tips-motorcycle-riding-europe/


Europe offers many roads, from chilling bends and even incredible Roman architecture to make you sigh for the built beauty. Soon, it is normal to feel lost to choose the first route or plan it, so here are some of the most popular motorbike routes through Europe that might catch your eye! Remember to opt for the route that suits you and that you like the most.

  • The Wild Atlantic Way (Ireland): Did you know that several sets from this location were used to shoot the Star Wars movie? If you’re looking for an incredible drive, complete with small towns and cliffs rising out of the sea, this is a perfect option for you; with an Irish coastal road of around 1,500 miles
  • Iceland Ring Road (Iceland): It is possible to cross this route in a few days, being a quiet and fast trip. Iceland has volcanic activities that make the country very beautiful, plus there is a course that offers tourists ways to enjoy the country’s main attractions
  • Transfagarasan Highway (Romania): Being an interconnected road through the mountains of the Southern Carpathians, and can climb to over 6,500 feet in altitude, Transfagarasan Highway is truly an extraordinary place, offering incredible guesthouses and a delicious food culture.
  • Furka Pass (Switzerland): This is a stretch of road that goes into some of Switzerland’s most powerful mountains and glaciers, making it a great option for those who crave a chilling and other adrenaline-pumping adventure; being full of sharp bends, narrow straits and having almost no protection.
  • Stelvio pass (Italy): Considered the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps, it offers winding curves and great views, with 2,758m and a total of 48 hairpins on the north side.
  • Col de Turini (France): The Col de Turini is perfect for you to test your skill, with dense forests and zigzagging roads, boasting breathtaking sea views.
  • Amalfi Drive (Italy): On one side of the roads are towering cliffs and on the other, the crystal clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, allowing you to venture out and get lost on the 50-mile stretch of sculpted Roman road.

If you wish to visit other motorbike travel routes, visit Other routes.


If you intend to travel Europe by motorbike, surely this article must have helped you a lot! After all, a tour through Europe by motorbike can be very economical, as well as providing you with unique experiences and unimaginable landscapes. Now, book your gear, buy your ticket, rent your motorbike and get ready for the different roads that await you. Don’t forget to have fun and make the most of this trip!

And since we are talking about Europe, it is of utmost importance that you keep in mind which are the most expensive and cheapest countries to visit, so check it out: List of countries in Europe, from expensive to cheapest.

Not only that, don’t forget to take a look at other articles about Europe that can really educate and help you!

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