Italy countryside: Complete and best experiences for 2023

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Table of Contents

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Italy is an undeniably beautiful and sought-after place. With its charm both in landscapes and culture, it is no wonder that it is on almost every wish list to visit, being even one of the 5 most visited countries in Europe. However, with all this success, it is impossible to contain the large number of tourists and its crowded and noisy streets. So, what to do if you want to visit Italy countrysides, but want to have a more peaceful and quiet trip and still get to know this wonderful country and all that it has to offer?

Our article brings you the solution to this problem: the countryside of Italy. Travelling through the countryside can provide incredible moments and you will still enjoy its beautiful landscapes, history and culture, so we will guide you through Italy countryside, bringing you the best experiences for 2023.

Is it recommended to travel to Italy countryside in 2023?

Whether it’s a pandemic, open borders or risk alerts for travel, travelling in this context is risky anyway. Of course, it is possible to travel safely to Europe during the pandemic in 2023, but it is always good to be aware of what the official websites recommend.

How much does it cost to travel to Italy countrysides?

Have you decided whether or not to travel to Italy countryside as directed? Whatever the answer, it is good to be aware of how much it costs to visit this acclaimed country, either now or in a while, after all, as we have already recommended in how to plan a trip during the pandemic, it is important to book in advance.

We have made a short summary containing the average daily price for: a luxury trip, an average trip and an economy trip.


Individual$144 to $ 294
Couple$235 to $ 510
Family$461 to $ 997


Individual$301 to $1,220
Couple$509 to $1,717
Family$1,018 to $3,074


Individual$109 to $248
Couple$181 to $433
Family$356 to $811

*Obs: prices can vary greatly according to the season and your particular choices.

Ps: travelling to Italy can be expensive, it’s true. But depending on which picturesque region of Italy you choose, it can be even more affordable (or not). Only you can know how much you’ll spend according to your preferences, but if you want some tips for a more affordable trip, you can be checking our EUROPE TRIP BUDGET: How to make a cheap trip?

Quick guide: 6 things to do in Italy countryside

  1. Stay in an agritourism. An agrotourism is a farm that combines agriculture and tourism, offering rooms to host visitors. So, besides the incredible relaxation of being immersed in nature, you can learn about the preparation of wines and/or food made on the farm!
  2. Go to a festival. Small towns and villages in Italy countryside are usually not very busy, however, festivals end up changing that. Besides moving the town and bringing excitement and joy, festivals are beautiful and allow you to experience the best of Italian cuisine and culture.
  3. Taste and learn Italian cuisine. Italian cuisine is undoubtedly one of the most famous. In the Italian countryside you can find variations of many big city dishes with the advantages of greater freshness and cheaper prices. And imagine learning one of these incredible recipes, knowing how to recognise the typical ingredients and being able to replicate them at home, with friends or family? Agrotourism and cooking classes are good alternatives for that.
  4. Try wine. Just as the cuisine is renowned, Italy’s wines are regarded as some of the best in the world. It is in the countryside where the grapes are grown and there you will find the best wine tastings.
  5. Experience the quiet of the countryside. Mountain towns is a good alternative to enjoy the countryside and the surrounding quietness. There is nothing better than walking read narrow streets, sitting on the chair outside a pub and observing the peaceful country life.
  6. Enjoy nature. The best thing about the countryside is surely the nature that surrounds it. Dive in the crystal clear sea or snorkel in the Aeolian Islands, swim in a lake, go horse riding or hiking in Umbria and the Abruzzo National Park, ski in the Alps and discover more activities to enjoy the nature of Italy countryside.

Best Destinations in Italy Countryside

The Italy countryside has many amazing places to visit. The big cities are not all that this beautiful country has to offer, the countryside is equally (or even more) capable of showing the best of the country.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most beautiful and memorable countryside to visit, organised by southern, northern and central Italy.


  • Campania
  • Sicily
  • Matera
  • Puģlia


Campania is an inland region that unspools by its enchanting coastline, with the Salero-Alfalfi Coast as one of the most popular destinations. In summer, the tourist movement grows in the, also popular, towns of Atrani, Positano and Ravello. The city of Naples also dominates the region, being very popular, especially in the culinary area.

The region has some impressive sights and places that you cannot miss. Among them are the ruins of Pompeii, the islands of Procida, Ischia and Capri. And speaking of this last island, you can get to know both the glamorous and bustling Capri, but also its more traditional and quiet side, Anacapri.

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Italy countryside Matera
Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site and located in southern Italy, Montera is a must-see destination. With the rocks sculpting it, the town is home to prehistoric caves beneath the mountains, the sassi, and has even been the setting for Bond films such as No Time To Die.

It has gastronomic specialties like bread and orecchiette pasta. You can get to know the city in an Airbnb.

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Rural Sicily, with its characteristic scent of orange groves, is one of the most coveted destinations for trips to Italy countryside. Surrounded by unique beauty, the island has coastal areas untouched by human hands, agriculture or anything else, the Nebrodi National Park and Lo Zingaro being examples of this.

Some places to visit are the Valley of the Agrigento Temples, the Volcano of Stombali Island, and Mount Etna. As for the cuisine, you can enjoy the region’s natural ingredients, with wild herbs, seafood and traditional recipes from generations.

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Situated on the heels of the country, Puglia has an immensely rich culture. It is, as well as one of the best destinations for modern and luxurious agritourism stays in Italy – such as the Centostelle -, an incredible tropical destination, with plenty of sunshine and crystal clear seas, home to some of the most beautiful beaches.

Although not well known by visitors, it’s a lovely region. Some highlights worth seeing are the town of Lecce, with several prehistoric menhirs and basilica churches; the village Santa Maria Al Bagno, with deserted golden sandy beaches; the Gargano National Park, with rocky paths, white cliffs and lush forests. Worth a mention is Puglia, a little-known tourist paradise that is growing in tourist visits for its charm and unspoilt scenic beauty.

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  • Liguria
  • Piedmont
  • Emilia Romagna


The Italian Reverie of Liguria region, which is the continuation of the French Riviera, is situated between the coast and Piedmont and is less crowded. Just to the east of the Reverie is its capital, Genoa, Liguria’s main city, which was once even one of the world’s leading cities for its ancient port.

The coastline is developed, with more secluded rural areas, wild terrain with stunning Mediterranean views, and small farms and vineyards along the mostly arid and rocky lands of the region. Inland, meanwhile, there are charming country houses and olive groves and vineyards where agritourism holidays are very cosy.

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Piedmont literally translates as “at the foot of the mountain”, this is because the slopes are from Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest peak, and the Matterhorn. It is a sophisticated state of Italy where some of Italy’s finest wines are produced, such as Asti Spumante and Italy’s most important wines, Basbareco and Barolos, made between the Langhe and Monferrato hills with the exquisite Nebbiolo grapes. The truffles of this region are also famous in the gastronomic world.

However, it is not only the wines that make this place special. The picturesque lakes are also very attractive, as visitors’ favourites are Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore. The valleys also draw attention, with the Val Chisone and Val Di Susa very popular.

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Emilia Romagna

Emilia-Romagma, like many mentioned here, is on the list of Italy’s hinterland regions popular as tourist destinations, after all, its capital is Bologna and its cities are the birthplace of world-renowned and loved foods such as ham, lasagne, tortellino and tanglioni. Furthermore, the cheese from this area is famous in culinary recipes all over the world, as well as piadina bread, balsamic vinegar and albana wine.

But the city goes beyond its gastronomy, as it is an extremely beautiful region, with charming stone houses. Its farms are nestled among the low hills and are a sight to behold. Agritourism is very strong in the region and is considered one of the best in the world.

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  • Tuscany
  • Umbria
  • Sabina


Near Rome, La Sabina, (or the Sabine Hills) is a region that stretches from the Tiber to the Apennines. It has in its pastoral area medieval villages, abundant tranquillity, very beautiful countryside and ancient Roman ruins.

It has an ancient olive oil production line of excellence. The pastas prepared are just as they are traditionally made in Rome and Lazio. There are also very good cheeses produced on site, such as ricotta, Cacio Magno and caciota.


With magnificent and lush landscapes, Umbria is a true Italian jewel that must be appreciated. It boasts historic cathedrals and 13th century castles that will make you feel as if you are stepping back in time.

It is also a luxury destination with accommodation where seclusion will be guaranteed, as well as relaxing tranquillity. One of these is the two-hectare property overlooking the Monte Peglia Naturak Park, the Alla Fattoria.

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The best known and most visited countryside region of Italy, Tuscany is a region of lush countryside with a beautiful view of the valley of the hills. It has one of the best villas for romantic stays in Renaissance style and the best luxury agrotourism in Italy countryside, after all it is an area rich in gastronomy and wine.

The wines of Chianti are the most renowned in Italy, with its own vineyards in many agruturismos. Around Siena there are also many well-known villages such as San Gimignano, Volterra and Pitigliano, as well as the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Val d’Orcia.

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Best Italian countryside travel routes

We’ve already talked about how to travel within Europe by train: best routes to take and railway in Europe 2023: the complete guide, so if we’re talking about the best and most complete experiences, we couldn’t leave the railways out! They are, without a doubt, an excellent option to get to know the Italian countryside, with beautiful landscapes and incredible moments.

So, we’ve separated two itineraries to experience the best of Italy countryside in 2023, namely its incredible scenery, the best wines and vineyards and enviable cuisine:

  • Italy’s extravagant wine tour through the main regions
  • Gastronomic tour of Umbria and Tuscany Italy’s extravagant wine tour through the main regions

Planned by travel experts, the Extravagant Italy Wine Tour of the Top Regions is a luxury wine tour that essentially aims to bring you the wine culture of Italy’s most famous regions. In addition to luxurious wine tastings, the itinerary features a cultural melange of medieval villages, unique flavours and even offers the opportunity to enjoy Italy’s most famous artisan traditions and a rest in its luxury villas.

  • Duration: 9 days
  • Places visited: Piedmont, Lombardy, Chianti
  • Price (per person): $ 5.395

Gastronomic tour of Umbria and Tuscany

Italy countryside has a vast and rich cuisine, which is one of the points that most attract tourists. Therefore, also designed by travel experts, the gastronomic tour of Umbria and Tuscany is a great option to learn more about the greatness of Italian cuisine, as well as its immense cultural value and symbolic traditions.

Umbria and Tuscany carry in their roots the heritage of one of the most exquisite and seductive cuisines in the world, with their seductive and intense flavours. On this excursion you will be able to taste local products such as cheeses, taste celebrated wines and sample fine olive oils.

  • Duration: 9 days
  • Visited places: Perugia, Montepulciano, San Gimignano, Montefalco, Assisi, Bevagna, Bagno Vignoni, Siena, Lucca, Pisa
  • Price (per person): $2.785

Best festivals in the Italian countryside

Italy coyntryside has amazing and well-known festivals, but Italy’s countryside festivals are just as amazing. Unique and fun, they bring a mix of several emblematic elements of Italy. We have separated 4 of them:

  • Sagra
  • Bravio delle Botti
  • Umbria Jazz Festival
  • International White Truffle Festival

Umbria Jazz Festival

For 10 days in July, jazz enthusiasts from all over the world gather at one of the most important jazz festivals in the world, in the historic centre of Perugia.

With several stages, every year the festival boasts an incredible list of artists from various places and impressive performances, including iconic remembrances.

Alba International White Truffle Festival

Held from October to December, the festival is packed with events revolving around Ferrero chocolates, wine and, the main thing, white truffles, which are famous, expensive and have a strong flavour.

On Saturdays and Sundays events take place with famous chefs, as well as tastings and areas dedicated to teaching children how to cook with truffles. The central event is the White Truffle Market, where you can taste and buy the local wines, cheeses, hams, hazelnuts and chestnuts.

Bravio delle Botti

Being among the best wine festivals in Italy countryside, Bravio delle Botti is a fun event that takes place in August between March 26-28 in Siena. It is an annual race in the picturesque town of Montepulciano, where the two districts of the town compete by pushing 80kg barrels through the streets of the town, this 4, almost 2 kilometres.

It is an ancient folk tradition that seeks to celebrate the local spirit, bringing about an interaction between visitors and locals.


This local gastronomic festival, which usually takes place in the square or in a field, is an event that takes place in various locations and is linked to Italian tradition. In general, everyone receives a dish, where they can choose the highlight variation they like best, a glass of wine and sit on the benches in the square.

Like the White Truffle festival, there are places to sell local produce, but the stalls have more than just food. In summer there can still be a comedy show in the evening.

The best of Italian countryside cuisine

Italian cuisine is loved and known all over the world, however, mainly for its pasta, lasagne and pizzas, not to mention dishes like arancini, squid ink risotto and Florentine steaks. But did you know that the best of Italian cuisine is in the picturesque regions? That’s why we’ve separated for you the best of Italian cuisine by region.

  • Campania – The Campania region has some of the best regional cuisines in the country. Culinary highlights from this area go to:
    • Naples, a city that is part of this region and is nothing less than the birthplace of Neapolitan pizza.
    • Buffalo mozzarella, which makes the maragaritas sensational.
    • Amalfi Coast, with liqueurs as the typical main ingredient – almost everything has a citrus and spicy flavour.
  • Liguria – Also considered to have one of the best cuisines of Italy’s coastal regions, the area uses seafood in its recipes and typical herbs that give a unique flavour to the dishes. Highlights include:
    • Genoserve, a sauce that is used in many dishes, whether pasta, pizza or other.
    • Focaccia, bread, low dense and extremely tasty very common in the region.
    • Ravioli pasta, which some say was invented in Liguria, with many varieties in restaurants.
  • Puglia – The heel of Italy could not be left out of this. Puglia has in its cuisine the reason to receive so many tourists. Although its cuisine is considered simple, it is renowned and extremely respected. We highlight the Puglia’s cuisine:
    • Seafood. As well as vegetables and olives, fresh fish and seafood are also on the menu.
    • Breads and pastas are also abundant in regional dishes, mainly due to the area’s wheat production.
    • Village of Altamura, the tall bread has Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status, being the only bread in the world to have it.
  • Sicily – As Italy’s largest region, the island grows many citrus fruits, vegetables and grapes. With light and delicious dishes, Sicily catches the eye in:
    • Distinctive dishes, with sun-dried vegetables, ricotta and light grains.
    • Cannoli. Another highlight of the region are the sweets and the cannoli, a tube of fried stuffed dough, is the most famous
  • Emilia Romagna – The region with the best exceptional food is Emilia Romagna, being the birthplace of the best Italian dishes and the most used ingredients in the world, as mentioned in the previous topics. The icons of this region are:
    • Bologna, the gastronomic capital of Italy, was the birthplace of spaghetti in Bolognese sauce, the ragu pasta dish.
      • Parmigiano Reggiano;
    • Modena vinegar;
    • Meat from the city of Parma;
    • Lambrusco.
  • Piedmont – Located on the border of Italy, Piedmont has had its cuisine influenced by its neighbours: France and Switzerland.
    • White Truffles are a prominent spice in the region’s healthy dishes such as pasta, noke and polenta.
    • Fonduta, is a variation of fondue itself, with the addition of egg yolks and truffles, making it another great highlight of regional cuisine.
    • The wines are also an exceptional point in the area, with plenty of variety.
  • Veneto – Although less known than the other regions, Veneto has brilliant cuisine with some of the best cultural arts in the country. Its distinguishing feature is:
    • In pasta, which not only contains carbohydrate but also rice and polenta.
    • In the tiramisu, supposedly coming from that region, as well as the peach bellini cocktail, originated in Venice in a bar.
  • Umbria – Regarded as the “green heart” of Italy countryside, Veneto has in its beautiful and rich landscape the ingredients that give the seasonal flavours in its rustic recipes. Its most abundant ingredients are:
    • Cereals, vegetables and olive oil produced in the region are always added to the recipes.
    • Truffles are also part of many dishes.
  • Tuscany – Regarded as the best wine region in Italy countryside, it is also known for its incredible cuisine, after all, there is nothing better than tasting a tasty Torcana wine in the company of a spectacular and delicious dinner.
    • Beans and bread. Many dishes are made from these ingredients.
    • Strong cheeses are used in popular pasta dishes.
    • Florentine steak is another highlight – as are the meats, whether gravy-cured or cold-cured -, cooked in sage and tenth.

Best stays in Italy countrysides in 2023

As already mentioned as one of the things to do in Italy countryside, agritourisms are undoubtedly the best way to stay in the Italian countryside.

So, thinking about comfort and good prices, we searched some of the best agriturismo and farms and separated a list with the best5 stays in the Italian countryside:

  • House Clelia
  • Masseria II Frantoio
  • Ca’ de Memi
  • Guruti
  • Podere il Casale

Casa Clelia (Lombardy)

One of the first agritourism, Casa Clecia is located in Bergamo, in Lombardy. It was carved out of a convent in the mid 11th century. There is a main house, against wooded hills, the convent, orchards, barns and the rooms, well-organised, spacious, strong-coloured and in wood and stone. There is still an open fireplace and surrounding woods and gardens.

In the kitchen there is a delightful mix of farm produce and local flavours.

  • Double room (per night): from $ 113 to $ 141
  • Lunch and dinner (per person): from $ 20

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Masseria II Frantoio (Puglia)

Over 500 years old, the farm located just outside Ostuni is a true paradise with an extensive list of authentic Pugliense specialities.

The rooms are whitewashed, with wrought iron bedding and high ceilings. It has several olive groves and orchards and the sea is only a few kilometres away.

  • Room (per night): from $ 158
  • Meal (with wine): from $ 67
  • Meal: from $ 50

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Ca’ de Memi (Veneto)

Located in Piombino Dese, the ancient and elegant farm has a patio, a large garden at the back, a cook who specialises in both regional and seasonal dishes. You can pick from the farm’s own fruits to cook in a cooking course. The rooms are comfortable, with beams and wooden floors .

  • Rooms (per night): from $ 68 to $ 160
  • Lunch and dinner (per person): from $ 22
  • Course (per person – 2h class): from $ 68

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Garuti (Emilia Romagna)

The agriturismo Garuti seeks to balance the local gastronomic tradition with modern cuisine. It offers in its cellar and in the Aceto Balsamico cellar the famous Lambrusco from the Emilia Romagna region.

The eight rooms are furnished, equipped and comfortable. The kitchen is also built-in and offers handmade pastas, homemade desserts and plenty of meat. A large meeting room is also provided to maintain the desired privacy of the guests.

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Podere il Casale (Tuscany)

Located just outside Pienza, the property features a locally produced or farmhouse menu with tasty traditional dishes. Here you can see the whole cheese- making process, take part in a truffle hunt and even spend the night watching the starry sky over Val d’Orcia (so be sure to bring a tent and do some outdoor camping! See camping in Portugal: what you will need for camping? and Spain camping: Best recommendations for you for the best camping tips).

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Did you like the Italian countryside? Choose the best option for you and get to know them!

Now you are properly introduced to Italy’s countryside; you know the best countryside, the best countryside itineraries, where the best Italian cuisine is, good festival recommendations to go to and even some places to stay in the countryside. Did you like picturesque Italy countryside? Are you interested in getting to know it? Choose your style of travel and start planning and booking your money.

If you like more rustic places and close to nature like the countryside, but if Italy countryside is not the destination you want to go to, we have two more recommendations for you:

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