Speak English Comparison: Level between Greece and others countries in 2022

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One good reason is that Greece receives a lot of foreign tourists, as it is a popular destination, which ends up being more beneficial that they speak english comparison allowing them to profit from it. There are several other reasons, such as the media influencing young people with the American culture shown in films, series and soap operas, or music, which can instigate the person to want to learn a different language to sing.


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 So, because it is a very favorite and visited destination, it is necessary that in famous tourist spots, the employees know how to speak english, to interact with American tourists and others; however, it is not always that happens. There are several cases where American tourists have visited restaurants and the attendant did not understand english, luckily there was someone at the side, a person who helped in the dialogue.

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English Comparison: Why do Greeks speak good English?

Whether they learn it from private teachers or in public schools, most Greeks learn English because it is a language spoken almost world-wide, and it is necessary for certain CVs, jobs or travel, as well as for business, education, transport, tourism and others. It is clear that the more a person masters several languages, the bigger the job market can become, as well as the opportunity to travel or have a job.

In short, a good answer is the trade that demands it, which motivates them to learn, whether to undertake a journey, work or teach.

Why are southern Europeans so bad speak English?

Among several reasons, some of them stand out:

  • Non-native English teachers. These are usually Italians, French and Irish who teach English in schools or privately. There is no effort to be hired foreign teachers.
  • Linguistic family. Often learning another language is very difficult, even more so when it doesn’t have a single trait similar to your own, the linguistic family helps, but not everyone has that privilege.
  • Opportunity to learn. After all, it’s not always that people have the time to learn a good language. According to some data, Italian adults over the age of 35 prefer to learn French rather than English, either for the language family or for comfort, since English is not so widely used in a given person’s daily life.
  • After the Second World War, the USA and Greece became closer countries because of the Marshall plan.
  • Economically, Greece is very outward-looking, so much so that the tourism industry accounts for 21% of the national economy, which makes them encourage the English language for profit.
  • And even the dubbing of films, series and soap operas end up influencing this; in some European countries they are considered horrible.

Of course, not all southern Europeans speak terrible English, but a good proportion do, as they generally try to study French rather than English. There are people who pronounce it very well, even more so in Greece, which can vary from region to region and situation to situation.

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Comparison of English-speaking countries in Europe

Speak English

As there are a variety of countries that can speak English, here is a table of the 10 places that speak the most and 10 that pronounce the foreign language the least.

10 Countries in Europe that speak English better:

CountryHow many % of the population speaks English?

10 Countries in Europe that worse speak English:

Country:How much % of the population speaks English?
Czech Republic21%

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