Travel to Greece 2023: Daily cost of the main cities!

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Table of Contents

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Do you want to travel to Greece, however, you have no idea what the daily costs are in the main cities, or are you looking for valuable tips? It is normal to feel confused, inexperienced or anxious in moments like this, not least because deciding to travel can be a big headache if you haven’t planned anything; even more so for Greece, where there are many historical cities that address a wonderful architecture, totally unique gastronomy and culture, paradise islands with incredible landscapes and beaches with crystal clear waters, let’s not forget to mention the local museums, cathedrals and temples that address the country of Europe.

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Given this, it is important that you know some tips that can help you, not only that, it is feasible to have in mind what are the expenses of certain cities, so you decide the ideal place that will not affect your initial budget. So, check out Travel to Greece: Daily cost of the main cities! So that this way, you’ll be experienced in the matter and be prepared for what’s to come.


Historical monuments, breathtaking architecture and many incredible landscapes that will make your trip memorable, Greece indeed has a lot to offer, even more so if you wish to visit the country and venture into its culture. Obviously, to visit a different place one must be fully prepared for what is to come, be it the best times to visit the place, documents needed to enter the country, the language, the currency and even the cost necessary to travel, in a way that does not affect your budget, nor give you expenses that will have consequences in the future.

Because of this, we’ve separated some important information and tips for you who intend to travel to Greece, but have no idea how to start your planning! Check out some very important tips that will certainly help you start your trip to this European country!

  • Choose places that appeal to you and that appeal to your tastes. A good example is: if you like to appreciate historical monuments, architecture and discover the history of the city you are visiting, a great recommendation is to visit the Acropolis Museum or the Acropolis of Athens, however, if you want to enjoy the local beaches, Santorini is an ideal option for you. In short, opt for places that really suit you!
  • Compare prices of accommodation, food, transport and daily costs, this way you can be aware of the prices and choose the one that best fits your budget.
  • If possible, always avoid high season. This way you will save a lot of money.
  • If you want to enjoy a beach, a great option are the incredible islands.
  • Finally, create an itinerary, plan and buy tickets in advance, make a list of what to bring if necessary and take precautions. This way, you’ll be fully prepared for your trip!


Keep in mind that Greece has a Mediterranean climate, meaning that summer is hot and dry, while winter can be cold and rainy. Research suggests that the best time to travel to Greece is from May to September, where you will find a stable climate with little rainfall; a great time to enjoy beaches and hikes at sunset.

In May, you’ll find the beaches with fewer tourists, with a pleasant climate making it a perfect option for those who want to avoid crowds or crowds. However, be aware that from June to August, and summer in Greece, the busiest and most colourful season, which attracts many travellers, there may be little rainfall, with the weather reaching up to 40°. Keep in mind that this is high season, meaning goods will be more expensive and there will be a lot of people.

Now, if you wish to travel to Greeve in the winter, the season is from December to February, unfortunately it is difficult for snow to fall in the country, however, it is possible that you will find many attractions with great prices, given that, it is low season.


Want to travel to Greece, but don’t know what documents you need to enter the country? It is natural that we do not know what is necessary to visit another place, even more so if it is our first time travelling. Therefore, you should be aware of what is necessary to enter Greece, so that you can enjoy your trip and not have the opportunity to have a headache for forgetting something.

  • You do not need a visa to visit Greece.
  • A passport and travel insurance are compulsory.
  • However, be aware that in Turkey it is necessary to have a visa, not only there, but some other places as well.
  • The vaccination certificate is compulsory only in some cities.

So, don’t forget to research the rules covering the city or place you plan to visit, so you’re prepared and have your documents in hand!


It is clear that the official language of Greece is Greek itself, however, as it is a tourist country, keep in mind that most hotels, bars, guides and restaurants speak English, so you won’t have to worry about the language. However, if you want to get deeper into the local culture, check out some basic phrases in Greek, not only that, if necessary read some books or take some classes that will instruct you even more!

Don’t be embarrassed to learn and speak a new language, keep in mind that Greeks think it’s really cool to see tourists trying to speak in Greek. Because of that, here lie some basic phrases in Greek:

  • Good morning (until 13:00): Kalimera.
  • Good afternoon: Kalispera.
  • Good evening: Kalinixta.
  • Hello: Iá.
  • Yes: Yeah.
  • No: Oxi.
  • Please: Parakalo.
  • What’s up? – Ti kánis?
  • Well: Kala.
  • I do not understand: Den katalaveno.
  • I do not speak Greek: Den milao elinika.
  • Please, can you speak more slowly? Parakalo, milate pio argá?
  • Sorry: Singnomi.
  • Thank you: Ef’rraristó (in restaurants or cafes we say Efgaristoume).
  • Do you speak English? Milate angliká? (Do you speak Spanish? – Milate hispaniká?)
  • Can you help me? Boris na me voithissis?
  • Where is the toilet? Pú ine i tualetes?
  • How much is it? Can I kani?
  • Do you accept credit cards? – Deheste pistotikes kartes?
  • What time is it? Ti ora ine?
  • Look out! – Prossorri!
  • Is it far away? – Can I makriá ine?
  • Excuse me, where is…? – Singnomi, poo ine…?
  • Can we see the menu? – Boroume na doume ena menu?
  • Can we pay the bill? – Boroume na plirosoume?
  • Very expensive: Poli akrivo.
  • A beer please: Mia bira parakalo.

Regarding the currency, please note that the official currency of Greece is the Euro. The exchange rate varies daily, and can go up and down. So, try to travel when the Euro is relatively low, this way you can save a lot, making your trip more accessible and economical. A good (and somewhat obvious) tip is to make your trip in low season, besides avoiding crowds, the trip will be much cheaper.


Photo by Hello Lightbulb on Unsplash

Just like anything else, travel has its daily costs, whether it is lodging, restaurants, local transportation, food and so on. In view of this, it is necessary that you are prepared and have added up the entire budget, so that this way, you do not have too many expenses that will affect your financial life. So stay up to date on the cost of travelling to Europe. Remember to always compare prices, so that you have the average costs to be spent daily.

The euro is being highly valued in relation to other countries’ currencies. If you want to have a great trip, high season is a perfect opportunity for you, however, it is obvious that the trip becomes more expensive and full of other tourists; the high values affect everything, whether hotel, restaurant, shops, cafeterias, attractions and so on. Therefore, here is separated the average, adding up the transportation, food and lodging, without including airline tickets or extra expenses.

  • Low cost trip: if you are looking for a cheap trip, without demanding too much of your money, opt for hostels, use public transport and have two meals a day, with tours of up to €20 ($22.92) , daily you should set aside €50 ($57.31) to be spent on the items mentioned above. A 10-day trip is equivalent to €500 ($573.11).
  • Medium standard trip: now, if you are looking for a trip that is much more pleasant, but that saves a little less your pocket, know that the estimate with the expenses is from €120 ($137.55) per day. Having access to hotels up to three stars, you can also rent cars, have three meals a day and some taxi services. A 10-day trip represents a cost of €1,200 ($1,375.48).
  • High-end travel: if you want comfort, staying in five-star hotels, visiting the best restaurants, spending €80 ($91.70) on local excursions, you will spend from €300 ($343.87) per day. A 10-day trip, on the other hand, represents an individual cost of €3,000 ($3,438.69).

The price varies according to the city you will be visiting, so it is of paramount importance that you carry out research and decide for yourself the trip that will be perfectly possible for you.


Do you want to travel to Greece but have no idea how much to spend in the local cities? Or have you not yet chosen a place to visit that is really economical? Don’t worry, after all, you need to know the cities of the country to know the ideal destination and itinerary for you, that will be exciting your trip and that will generate profits. So, get to know the main cities in Greece and the daily costs.


Have you ever wondered how much money is needed for your trip to Athens? As the main and best known city in Greece, Athens is the capital of the country, where you can visit the famous buildings of the Parthenon and the Erecteion, there is also the Archaeological Museum and the Temple of Olympian Zeus. Because of this, you should plan to spend around €103 ($116) per day on your holiday, previous travellers have spent on average €30 ($34) on meals for a day and €22 ($24) on local transport. If you’re looking for hotels, be aware that €101 ($115) is a daily rate for a double bed room. So, a trip for two people for a week costs from €1,437 ($1,630).

  • Daily accommodation costs: from €101 ($115).
  • Daily expenditure on local transport: around €22 ($24).
  • Daily expenditure on meals for one day: from €30 ($34).


If you wish to visit Mystras and the Leonidas Memorial of Athens, Sparta is a great option, being situated on the banks of the Eurotas River. Daily expenses to be spent in the country are from US $160, being US $36 in meals for a day and US $29 in local transport. Regarding hotels, it is possible to find accommodation from US $39 to US $137 per night, depending on which you choose. And if you want to do some activities, whether it be sightseeing, it may cost on average US $40.

  • Daily expenditure on accommodation: from US $39 to US $137.
  • Daily expenditure on local transport: around US $28.
  • Daily expenditure on meals for one day: from US $36.


Do you happen to intend to travel to Tebas, however, you don’t know what are the daily costs to be spent on this trip? Thebes is a city of Ancient Egypt, the city offers incredible architecture as well as historical sights such as Panepistimiou Street or Daphini Monastery. All in all, you will spend about €102 ($115) daily on your holiday, being €33 ($38) on meals for a day and €30 ($34) on local transport. If we quote hotels, the average price of accommodation in Thebes for a couple is €97 ($110).

  • Daily accommodation costs: from €97 ($110).
  • Daily expenditure on local transport: around €30 ($34).
  • Daily expenditure on meals for one day: from €33 ($38).


Crete is the largest and most populated island of Greece, situated in the southern Aegean Sea, making it a great option for those who want a historical trip with a different culture. Some of the most visited destinations are Chania, Iraklio and Retimno; in other words, there is no shortage of travel options. You should plan to invest around €81 ($92) per day on your holiday in Crete, of which €28 ($31) is for meals for one day and €19 ($21) for local transport, so a hotel for a couple is from €76 ($87), according to the expenses of other travellers, which makes a trip to Crete economical without too many expenses.

  • Daily accommodation costs: from €76 ($87).
  • Daily expenditure on local transport: around €19 ($21).
  • Daily expenditure on meals for one day: from €28 ($31).


Want to travel to Megara? Know that the price to be spent daily is from $75 per person, being $30 in meals for a day, in budget restaurants and sometimes fast food, $35 in public transport and taxis and $9.6 in tourist activities and hotels from $1.2. Remember that the prices are based on average expenses, nothing luxurious or really expensive. Mégara is a town of agricultural vocation and was built on an old town, if you want to uncover the stories that approach the city, this is a great option!

  • Daily expenditure on accommodation: from $1.2.
  • Daily expenditure on local transport: around $35
  • Daily expenditure on meals for one day: from $30.


How much money will you need for your trip to Ephesus? On a daily basis, you will spend around TRY269 (US $24), with TRY 71 (US $6.49) on meals for a day and TRY 97 (US $8.87) on local transportation. If you want to know the average price of a hotel for a couple, know that it is around TRY 175 (US $16). Ephesus is an ancient city in the Aegean region, located in central Turkey. The city offers you many places to visit, such as the Temple of Artemis and the Library of Celsus.

  • Daily accommodation costs: from TRY 175 (US $16).
  • Daily expenditure on local transport: around TRY 97 (US $8.87).
  • Daily expenditure on meals for one day: from TRY 71 (US $6.49).


There are not only cities to visit in Greece, but also several more remote islands that offer not only a beach paradise, either clear waters, warm sand, seaside restaurants and many other local activities; it is clear that you will not regret visiting the islands of Greece. If you want to have this unique experience, we’ve separated the three most famous islands in this European country to help you make the right choice!


As one of the Cycladic islands in the Aegean Sea, Santorini has the main features of white houses overlooking the sea, two main towns (Fira and Oia) and much more. If you plan to visit the place, know that you should plan to spend around €131 ($148) per day, including €38 ($43) on meals and €23 ($26) on local transport. Looking for hotels in Santorini? Keep in mind that accommodation for a couple starts at €131 ($149).

  • Daily accommodation costs: from €131 ($149).
  • Daily expenditure on local transport: around €23 ($26).
  • Daily expenditure on meals for one day: from €38 ($43).


Mykonos is an island in Greece that offers beautiful beaches, art, culture and is totally ideal for children to visit. If you’ve ever wondered how much money it takes to travel to such a place, here lies your answer! Daily spending, according to other past travellers, will be around $119 ($135), of which $38 ($43) and $19 ($22) is for local transport. Therefore, the cheapest hotels start at $118 ($134) for a double room.

  • Daily accommodation costs: from ¤118 ($134)
  • Daily expenditure on local transport: around €19 ($22).
  • Daily expenditure on meals for one day: from €38 ($43).


Finally, we could not fail to mention Zaquintos Island, which is a well-known summer resort and is extremely visited by tourists annually. The average price of a 7-day trip is US $5,340 for a family of four. Hotels can range from US $24 to US $149 per night and if you want to do some activities, visit sights, pay for transport and have your meal, budget from US $35 to US $78.

  • Daily accommodation costs: from US $24 up to US $149.
  • Daily expenditure on local transport: around US $20.
  • Daily expenditure on meals for one day: from US $4.


After receiving some important tips, information that can make your trip more economical, knowing the average daily costs of the main cities and islands in Greece, surely you only need to buy the tickets and take advantage of this opportunity that can be amazing for you! Don’t forget to plan basic Greek words, convert the currency into euro and travel to Greece in low season so you can save on your trip. Your trip is closer than you think!

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