Religion in America x Religion in Europe: Data and statistics in 2022?

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Religion in America is more active and now understand why. One point is the financial inequality, which leads many Americans to resort to divine help, not only that, diseases, family problems, unemployment, needs and several other factors make a human being resort to religion, another point, is that there is no forced or determined religion in America, which makes Americans more religious than Europeans, since in Europe, religion is more passive. According to the Huffpost, about 60% of Americans say religion is very important, whereas in Western Europe, only 21% say this.

It cannot be denied that religion in America is linked to the high GDP per capita, via that, many Americans pay for various religious activities, be it tithes, healings on television and etc. A good example is the United States which GDP is at least $30,000 per person, while the place features many religions and faithful followers. If you want to check more about the data cited, visit Vox.com.

Is religion in America so high as seems?

Religion in America
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Yes. Americans pray often and the US stands out when we are talking about religion, either as the most number of the most religious people and the most devout, compared to all the rich western democracies. America features people who are far more likely to enter certain services in the name of religiosity. More than half of adult Americans say they pray every day (around 55%), matching other poor countries such as South Africa, Bolivia and so on.

Several religions compete freely for new members in America, with no government meddling, which has expanded religions and made the continent fertile for faith. People who have bad financial situations, end up being more likely to turn to some religion, check out all the information at PewResearchCenter.

Religion in Europe and America: Comparison of Religiosity.

As America has a slight freedom of religion, while Europe is usually more passive, check out the comparison of both continents with the countries that most follow some religion or believe in something:


Rank of the most religious countries in America:How much % of the population follow some religion?
1-Peru 82%
2-Colombia 82%
3-Brazil 79%
4-Argentina 76%
5-United States 74%


Rank of most religious countries in Europe:How much % of the population follow some religion?
1-Romania 55%
2-Armenia 51%
3-Georgia 50%
4-Greece 49%
5-Moldova 47%

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How is Europe regarding religion?

It is a fact that Europe is not as religious as other places, but most of the continent has its own way of following the faith. Europeans are usually slightly divided, one part follows no doctrine, church, faith or religion, while the other, sees on television or in the media their minority being attacked, a good example are the Muslims. One point that makes Europe not have many people following the faith, is because they are comfortable, either financially or any other factor, which makes them not seek divine help. We know that people in bad conditions look for some divine help, which is not the case for most Europeans.

Understand the factors:

  • Europe maintains a social policy with a high level of education, employment and standard of living.
  • There is secularism, examples of this is the separation of church and state, freedom of religion and equality of all religions, and among others.
  • Finally, we cannot forget the various wars caused by religious conflicts and religious intolerance.

Europeans have faced many wars because of religion, a prime example being Protestant/Catholics. Maybe because of this, to avoid divisions caused by faith, Europeans avoid religions.

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What are the most widely followed religions in Europe and America?

Catholicism in Europe and Protestantism in America, that’s if we are going to summarise it bluntly. However, if one looks for more details, there are two tables informing the five most followed religions in both continents.


Religions:How many % of people follow this religion in Europe?
1-Catholicism 44.5%
2- Byzantine Orthodoxy 10.2%
3- Protestant 9.9%
4- Other Christians 5%
5- No religion 26.3%


Religions:How many % of people follow this religion in America?
1-Protestants 42%
2- Catholicism 21%
3- Mormonism 2%
4- No religion 29%

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