What do European hate most about American tourists in 2023?

What do European hate most about American tourists in 2023?

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Direct on the point

Small talk, Americans who talk too loudly in shops, tourists who impede movement in the streets and Americans who do not care about local history. Europeans do not dislike the American tourists, but there are attitudes that bother and may make a European hate most. A good example is: Europeans do not usually have small talk with strangers, if you are a tourist, you should know that it is not wrong to strike up a conversation, however, know how and when to stop. In American places it is quite common to have small talk to get closer and create bonds, but in Europe, most people usually prefer a solo moment, if you see that the person is not interested in the subject, don’t insist. A good example is: if a person goes camping, they are looking for a moment of their own, so it may bother the European if you insist on bringing up the subject, even if there is no opening.


Don’t shout

Loud talking in establishments will drive anyone crazy and annoy those who just want an afternoon of peace, so if you’re travelling in a group, keep your tone of voice in a way that doesn’t end up making Europeans uncomfortable. They hate people who are excessively loud and talk as if they were metres away.

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Finally, be aware that the streets in America are spacious and wide, allowing great access for anyone passing through. In Europe, on the other hand, the roads are narrow and there are pavements, so it is important that you do not impede the movement of the streets, whether it is cars, motorbikes or other people behind you. This is an attitude that annoys Europeans who are going to work or to a desired place, if you are in a group, do not stop in the middle of the road to talk, it prevents other people from passing.

Respect the culture

There are also some American tourists who, despite visiting the most popular tourist attractions, don’t seem to care about the history that surrounds the place, always asking stupid questions that European hate most. If you don’t want to learn about a certain place, just don’t ask questions that end up making people angry.

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Don’t stereotype people. And do not compare local services in Europe with America, in no way claim this with the local staff, be it hotels or restaurants, keep in mind that they are different continents, with different cultures and different people. Therefore, the services will be totally different from what you are used to.

Don’t keep declaring that you are Irish or Italian because a distant relative of yours is, it usually makes them angry.

And finally, don’t keep declaring that you are American and therefore have your rights. Your constitution often does not apply when you are abroad.

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According the Pew Research Center survey, they show some european countries as FANS and CRITICS:


Top 10 countriesRate
Egypt85% Unfavorable
Jordan85% Unfavorable
Turkey73% Unfavorable
Russia71% Unfavorable
Palestine66% Unfavorable
Greece63% Unfavorable
Pakistan59% Unfavorable
Lebanon57% Unfavorable
Tunisia47% Unfavorable
Germany47% Unfavorable
Pew Research Center


Top 10 countriesRate
Philippines 92% Favorable
Israel 84% Favorable
South Korea82% Favorable
Kenya 80% Favorable
El Salvador 80% Favorable
Italy 78% Favorable
Ghana 77% Favorable
Vietnam 76% Favorable
Bangladesh 76% Favorable
France 75% Favorable
Pew Research Center

Do Europeans really dislike Americans?

In fact, the ones Europeans like least are:

  • The British, as most of them prefer to fight and just want to get drunk.
  • The Chinese do not respect the local culture and on top of that they walk in packs, which makes it difficult to move around the streets, as they are narrow.

Europeans do like Americans, but it depends on which ones we are talking about. There are tourists who really respect Europe’s culture, space and movement, but there are others who are invasive and extremely irritating. There are Europeans who say that Americans are cultured, lovely and polite, since they generally do not visit the continent in packs, do not start fights or get drunk, which may vary according to the tourists and their recurring attitudes.


What not to do as an American tourist in Europe?

This is easier than you think:

  • Never shout at your family members or group of friends who are close to you.
  • Keep tones of voice low and polite.
  • Try not to travel in huge groups and if you do, don’t stand in the street with your large group chatting.
  • Some Europeans claim that it is good that you dress decently, but don’t forget that you should wear what you like, because in the end, you may attract looks, but deep down nobody cares.
  • Don’t visit a place that you don’t like or that you know you won’t fit in with certain cultures, laws that apply to tourists and people’s customs.
  • Don’t make obvious statements, such as “Is there McDonald’s here?!” or “Wow, here’s pizza! “.
  • If you have a food preference or perhaps allergies, don’t forget to let the restaurant you are visiting know.

Frequently Asked Question about Americans x Europeans

Why do Europeans hate Americans?

The reasons for Europeans disliking Americans can vary. According to an article from The New York Times, the most popular reason cited was the United States behavior after the Suez crisis, where writers felt that the United States let them down in the United Nations. However, it is important to note that this is just one reason and opinions on the matter can vary widely among Europeans.

To help you understand, we went after more answer, and we got it! Check here!

Why do some Americans hate European culture for no reason?

According to a statement from Quora, some Americans may hate European culture based on bad events that Europe is responsible for, such as the Holocaust, Holodomor, and the Boer concentration camps. However, it is important to note that opinions and attitudes towards European culture can vary greatly among Americans and should not be generalized.

Do Europeans Really Hate Americans?

According to a Pew Research Center survey, a majority of people in seven of the nine European countries surveyed view the United States positively. Italy, France and Poland are the countries with the most positive image of the US. However, there are exceptions, such as in Germany, where the US image has dropped significantly since 2009.


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