Best places to Ski in Europe 2023

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With the colder season approaching, a great opportunity to do various activities during winter arises. Are you planning to travel around Europe in winter and visit the ski resorts? If you need to inform yourself about the snow period, how much it costs to ski or even the cheapest places, you are in the right article! Best tourist places to ski in the European winter will answer your questions and help you.

So, get your Snowboard and helmet ready to navigate through this extremely useful and practical information!


Who hasn’t wanted to play snow wars, make a little angel or a snowman? Obviously, travelling to Europe during the winter is a great choice, besides being a period where most of the prices fall, making it economical, it is ideal for you who like cold weather and want to ski in europe, to have fun.

Winter in Europe occurs during the months of December, January and February, ending in March. February is usually the coldest month and the snowiest. If you want to see a lot of snow, it is recommended that you go to the north of Norway, Sweden or Finland. Get to know some snowy places in Europe:

  • Sweden. If you are not bothered by extremely low temperatures, this is a great option for your trip. Did you know that there is a hotel made of ice? It is a perfect place!
  • Spain. Granada is a city that lies in the south of Spain, which is highly recommended to visit during the winter. In addition to enjoying the architecture, it is possible to visit several ski resorts in the region.
  • Italy. The Aosta Valley, which is in Italy, is recommended for you who like cold weather. It is very popular with tourists who want to practice sports such as skiing.
  • Austria. Innsbuck is internationally known, besides being a very famous place, it offers you various winter sports, having also sightseeing tours.
  • France. We can’t mention France without mentioning the gigantic Alps, can we? There are a variety of resorts that will leave you breathless!
  • United Kingdom. Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the whole of the UK, you can clearly find snow there!
  • Germany. Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a popular place for those who want to see snow and enjoy winter sports.



Did you know that skiing in Europe is cheaper than skiing in the United States? While a six- day ski pass for Aspen in the United States costs US $520, Courchevel in the French Alps costs

€290. The price varies from season to season, meaning that prices depend on the country you are visiting and the amount of people with you, as well as whether you are a child or an adult. In short, the price varies and it’s important to know not only how much it costs to ski, but also the price of ski equipment.

The best option is to rent the equipment, because you run the risk of buying the wrong pieces, which will be an unnecessary cost for your pocket. The best hotels, resorts or stations, always have shops with professionals that help you choose the accessories that best suit your profile. Check out the necessary equipment and their rates:

  • Ski and rods: from 15 euros.
  • Snowboard: from 19 euros.
  • Ski and snow boots: from 5 euros.
  • Helmet: from 4 euros.
  • Snowshoe: from 6 euros.

Remember to wear thermal clothes that warm your body!



There are always places that are more visited and more recommended, if you want to visit destinations that have stunning landscapes to make you stand in awe, here are eight top ski resorts that you are sure to be stumped and have an immense desire to experience this adrenaline rush!

  • Chamonix (Mont-Blanc) – France: Host of the 1924 Olympic Games, the resort has gained prominence among skiers, being considered the Skiing and Mountaineering Capital of the World. The highest mountain of the French Alps, with more than 4,800 meters of altitude, suitable for skiers of all levels. If you have never skied, there are lessons for you in Chamonix. The season runs from December to May, the adult skipass for six days costs approximately 275 euros.
  • Zermatt – Switzerland: Cars are forbidden, so visitors must use sledges or electric carts to get around. Located on the border between Switzerland and Italy, in the Canton of Valais. Zermatt is a village with a traditional architecture. The season is from the end of November to April, the six-day pass fee is 315 euros.
  • Cortina d’Ampezzo – Italy: One of the most beautiful resorts in Italy, being a Unesco World Heritage listed rocky mountain range. Known for its high standard of luxury, it has many options such as hotels, restaurants, shops and more. The season is from November to May and the cost of the adult skipass for six days is 291 euros.
  • Kitzbühel – Austria: It is one of the most inviting ski regions, offering about 180 km of slopes. The season starts in October and runs until May, 286 euros is the price of the adult skipass.
  • Bansko – Bulgaria: It is one of the cheapest resorts, being among the best destinations for activities. Because it has a cheaper price, it gets a lot of visitors! The season lasts from December to April and the adult skipass price for 6 days is 170 euros.
  • Jasná – Slovakia: Contains stunning natural landscapes and a very beautiful town considered as “Hidden Pearl”. There are ski classes with professionals, however, beginners are also welcome. The price of hotels and restaurants is usually 3 times lower than in other ski resorts. The season is from December to April and the adult skipass fee for 6 days is 190 euros (depending on the days chosen).
  • Poiana Brasov – Romania: Also a resort to fit into tighter budgets, surrounded by a large mountain range. The “Alps of Romania” offers various activities such as skiing, ice skating, sleigh rides and more. The fee is 120 euros and the season lasts from December to April.

As you can see, in this short list there were some cheaper resorts for you who don’t want to spend too much, in case you want to save even more in Europe but have no idea how, here on How to travel to Europe cheap will help you in this regard!



Are you still in doubt about which is the best place for you to ski? It is normal to be undecided, given that there is no shortage of options that are certainly very tempting. So here are four more destinations that might interest you! In case you want to know other destinations within Europe, check out 10-day trip to Europe: where to go, notoriously you will have more knowledge about the place and more willingness to try new airs! Now, stay with the destinations that will catch your attention:

  • Sierra Nevada – Spain: Maintains a reputation of being the sunniest ski resort in Europe, with 80% sunny days during the winter season, a great option for you who prefer warmer rays on your skin. The site has 115 different runs, there is also the option to ski on Saturday night if the weather permits. The season is from December to May and the cost of the adult Skipass for 6 days is 262 euros.
  • Trysil – Norway: Located near the Swedish border, it is considered the biggest ski resort in Norway and is a favourite spot for families. If you want to take your relatives with you, this is a great option! The resort offers lessons, if necessary, and contains several restaurants which sometimes have musical shows. The season is from November to April and the adult skipass price for 6 days is 225 euros.
  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen – Germany: Located in Bavaria, it is considered one of the best places to ski in Germany. The ski area is divided into three sectors which are interconnected: Kreuzeck, Alpstitz and Hausbergn. The season is from December to March and the adult skipass fee for 6 days is 255,50 euro.
  • Åre, Sweden: Situated in central Sweden and is the largest ski area in northern Europe. Temperatures reach -20, being extremely cold, if you like it, it is a great option for you. The season runs from December to May and the adult skipass fee for 6 days is €213.


Perhaps you prefer more refined and luxurious places, with spa facilities, winter sports, mouth- watering cuisine and exuberant views. In case that’s what you’re looking for, here are the 6 most luxurious ski resorts in Europe that are sure to make you want to go skiing as soon as possible and experience the harsh winter that grips the European continent!

  • Val d’Isère, France: It is considered one of the most charming and authentic winter resorts. It has 300 km of slopes for all levels and after a skiing adventure in the mountains, you can swim in a heated pool overlooking the mountains or experience an extremely luxurious spa. The hotels offer exclusive services, luxury accommodation and much more. Skiing prices range from €57.00 (1 day) to €258.00 (6 days). Children and seniors enjoy a discount.
  • Saint Moritz, Switzerland: Considered the birthplace of winter sports in the world, it was established in 1864 and has hosted two Olympic competitions as well as being the setting for several films. Visitors can rent classic cars and take a ride along the cinematic roads, relax in the hot springs and much more.
  • Les Arcs, France: As one of the best places to ski in France, it is renowned for the unique design of its four high attitude resorts. There are amazing 5-star hotels in place, offering personalized services, premium ski experience, panoramic terraces and privacy.
  • Courchevel, France: One of the most luxurious ski resorts in the world, did you know that you can pass through this place being treated like a prince or a princess? In case you have the dream of feeling like royalty, here lies a great opportunity. Having 19 resorts and luxury hotels with restaurants, it is famous for hosting several celebrities during the winter, there are even several designer shops, including spas, bustling nightlife and much more.
  • Zermatt, Switzerland: What stands out the most is the local cuisine, which is highly praised and recommended! There are also rustic spaces and lounges facing the snowy mountains. There is a charming village with historic buildings, boutiques, shops, bars, etc.
  • Breuil-Cervinia, Italy: Do you want to know what a whirlpool bath in the middle of the forest is like? If so, here’s a great ski resort option for you! Located on the other side of the Alps, but close to Zermatt, being inaugurated in 1936, it boasts spectacular views of the snowy mountains.


Grab your ski, both poles, Snowboard and helmet to venture into the middle of all that snow that winter brings! Once you didn’t know the best ski resorts, but for sure, now you have an idea of where you should start this trip, having fantastic and unforgettable days. Remember: travel in the period when there is snow, rent your equipment, get to know the main ski resorts and enjoy! Because there is no lack of options for you to choose and marvel at your destination. Surely this trip to Europe will be unforgettable!

If you wish to travel not only to practise your skiing, but also to visit other places in Europe, but you have no idea how to plan your destination, then How to Plan a Trip to Europe During the Pandemic will certainly instruct

Precautions for travellers in the pandemic in 2023.

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