Cheap Beach Towns in Portugal To Visit in The Summer of 2023

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Table of Contents

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List of cheap beach towns in Portugal

Portugal is home to unmissable beach towns with fantastic views and attractions. Portugal has the most affordable beach towns in all over Europe. And do you know what’s best of all? The price to visit them is very cheap! With a budget of less than US$ 100 per day you can have one of the best summer holidays in any of the wonderful beaches of these cities.

With exactly that in mind we’ve separated the 3 cheap beach towns in Portugal to visit in the summer of 2023:

  • Albufeira – Daily cost: $ 75
  • Cascais – Daily cost: $ 70
  • Lagos – Daily cost: $ 68


The first on the list is Albufeira, a city in the Algarve region, being the administrative district of Portugal with about 30 km. The best of the city is divided in two according to day and night. With the sun majestically shining in the sky, the beaches of São Rafael, dos Arrifes, Coelha do Castelo and Ninho da Andorinha are the highlights of the region, already with the twinkling of the moon and stars the hustle and bustle in the bars, restaurants and clubs delight visitors who venture into these lands. You can reach Albufeira:

It is almost unbelievable that it is possible to visit this spectacular place for only US$ 75 per day, but it is possible. Check all the prices:   

HostelAround $ 20.00
PousadaUp to $ 20.00
FlatFrom $60.00~100.00/day
HotelFrom $ 70.00
Breakfast$ 5,00 a $ 7,00
Lunch$ 9,00 to $ 17,00
Dinner$ 14,14 to $ 23,87
On-board bus pass$ 1,35
Advance bus pass$ 0,90
24-hour bus pass$ 4,06
Extra expenses
Attractions and tours$ 10.0~20.0

Note: check the price of accommodation at Booking.

The main attractions and tours in the city are the beaches and they are free, even those that buy ask for affordable prices, so the extra expenses are considerably low. Some examples are attractions like the Cathedral and the Clock Tower that cost nothing and boat trips with caves and dolphins, kayak excursion and catamaran ride costing between US$6 to US$8.

Remember to add a transport cost to reach the city, in case you don’t make a direct trip.


Another cheap beach town to visit is Cascais, a town located on the Potuguese Riviera. You can visit it for a price without Albufeira, for US$70 per day (see detailed price table below).

However, you may be asking yourself, “What is the reason to visit this city? Just the low price?” And no, the main reason to visit this place are its charming beaches (and also the affordable price to see an immeasurable natural wealth). Praia de Caxias, da Torre, do Guincho and Paço de Arcos are some of them. It is no coincidence that this tourist decision was once a summer retreat of the Portuguese monarchy in the 19th century.

As mentioned above, the best attractions in Cascais are free, as well as attractions such as Boca do Inferno and the Historical Centre of Cascais that cost nothing, and excursions costing between US$6 and US$14 and tickets to National Parks and palaces for only US$4 or US$5.


Finally, we have Lagos, a charming town in the District of Faro, with approximately 18,000 inhabitants. Lagos has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and beaches for all tastes: small and large beaches, secluded beaches with infrastructure, open beaches and surrounded by rocks, and other types such as nudist beaches. During the night there is also a lot of excitement around Lagos, making it a pleasant and very Portugal place to visit. But the charm of Lagos goes far beyond, the cultural and historical burden of this city is very large and many of the tourist attractions are focused on them, as is the case of the historic centre, structure for walks only.

Parentheses: Lagos if one of the most affordable beach towns to retire in Portugal. Click to know more why Portugal has choosen as the best country to retirei in Europe.

Note: check the price of accommodation at Booking.

I think you already understand why the extra expenses are few. Attractions like the Ponta da Bandeira Fortress and the Municipal Museum Dr. José Formosinho for example, cost less than US$2, others like the Slave Market for US$4 and tours and cruises ranging from US$6.20 to US$16.89.

How much a flight to Portugal in the summer of 2023?

Travel to Portugal during the summer costs more expensive than other times, this is because it is high season, but, despite the prices, it is very worth to know the Lusitanian lands in summer, especially for its unmissable beaches. So, return flights to Portugal during the summer, for a period of one week, 1 adult in economy class costs.

However, it is still possible to visit Portugal in summer for slightly cheaper prices. The high season usually lasts from June to August and the end of year period, however September is still summer in Lusitania and it is still possible to enjoy a pleasant climate, high temperatures and enjoy a beach for a lower price, especially if you book in advance.

How much a flight From USA to Portugal in the summer of 2023?

For a flight right in the summer, in Lisbon, the prices goes between $1000 and $1.400, it depends if you have any discount ticket and other factors.

ItineraryHigh Season Price
Nova Iorque→Portugal
Washington, D.C.→Portugal€840,00
Los Angeles→Portugal€1140,00
San Francisco→Portugal€1117,00
França→Portugal: €58,00
Roma→Portugal €116,00
Rio de Janeiro→Portugal€1131,00
São Paulo→Portugal€1091,00
Buenos Aires→Portugal€2537,00

Try on Booking.com check the best flight prices

Would you like to know all the expenses will have in Portugal? Click bellow.
Try Holidays in Portugal 2023: How much money do i need?

Amazing Beaches near Lisbon

Lisbon is one of Portugal’s top destinations, mainly for being its capital and incredibly cheap beach town to visit. But besides the city, the beaches nearby and in Lisbon itself are also incredible and you can’t miss them!

However, as you should have no idea what they are, we’ve separated a few to show you.

Portinho da Arrábida, Setúbal

Portinho da Arrábida is a natural paradise, one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, long, with clear water, which you can take advantage of to make dives and see the species of fish that are there, and a pleasant environment to enjoy the beach all day long.

It can only be reached by car, which takes about forty minutes from Lisbon.

Comporta Beach, Troia Peninsula

About 1 hour and 20 minutes from Lisbon, Comporta Beach is a secluded beach, full of beautiful dunes, white sand and clear turquoise waters. It is a true paradise to relax with tranquillity and the warm climate of the place, and enjoy the natural landscape.

If you are going to a more isolated area, it is advisable to bring your own food and drink. If you’re going to an area with more infrastructure, just enjoy it. Incidentally, this beach that looks like a Caribbean beach was recently considered one of the chicest in Europe.

Ribeiro do Cavalo Beach, Sesimbra

Located just over 40 km from Lisbon, Praia do Ribeiro do Cavalo is among the best beaches in Portugal. To get there, you have to go down a small trail, however, the view from halfway down the trail to the beach is spectacular and even more so when you get there.

This wild and exotic beach, with its white sand and calm, crystalline waters of a turquoise sea, offers absolutely stunning and enchanting scenery.

Amazing Beaches near Porto

Porto is another of the main (and cheapest) destinations in Portugal, after all, it is unacceptable to visit the Lusitanian territory without knowing the “Invicta” and its imposing bridges over the Douro River with fantastic landscapes.

The beaches in and around Porto are not far behind, and are also incredible destinations. We have separated some of them for you, check them out!

Matosinhos Beach, Matosinhos

Matosinhos beach is located in a village of the same name, north of Porto. It is the largest and most accessible beach (both by car and public transport) for those who are enjoying Porto and want to spend a day at the beach.

It has bars, toilets, restaurants, bathhouses and other structures to meet the needs of visitors, besides having space for activities ranging from sunbathing to Bodyboarding and Surfing, not to mention the Surf schools that sell equipment for the sport and also for diving.

Bay Beach, Espinhos

Another beach near Porto, about 20 km away, Praia da Baía is one of the best beaches in Northern Portugal. Easy to access, the beach has a great infrastructure, with bars, restaurants, parking and tents to serve the demand of visitors.

It is excellent for families, for games on the sand, the famous beach football and volleyball, for bathers and for those who want to surf or Bodyboard.

Senhor da Pedra Beach, Vila Nova de Gaia

15 km south of Porto, in the Mirarmar neighbourhood, Praia do Senhor da Pedra is one of, if not the, most emblematic beach in Portugal. It has a long and wide strip of sand, some rocks in specific points and, its main highlight, the Chapel built on the rocks of the beach.

It is a very attractive and popular beach, therefore it has a good infrastructure and entertainment actives for its many visitors, after all, this is a good beach for everyone.

What are the best Southern Portugal beaches

The best beaches in the south of Portugal are for sure the ones in the Algarve region. Here are not only some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal but also in the world!

The list is quite long, but to be objective we will only mention 5 and if you want to see more, just take a look at the Algarve region on the map.

Praia da Rocha, Portimão

Praia da Rocha is an extensive beach and one of the best beaches for sunbathing and swimming, with good facilities, full of bars and restaurants that are open day and night to meet the great demand.

Although it is better in terms of facilities, it still has a beautiful rocky landscape and sea.

Camilo Beach, Lagos

The grand staircase of over twenty steps, the stunning view from the top of the escapa and the water temperature of Camilo Beach are the most memorable things about it, apart from its caves of course.

The best way to get to know the region is on a boat trip, to visit the caves and the small deserted beaches.

Dona Ana Beach, Lagos

A beach of difficult access – only by stairs – with an experience, however, that makes up for everything.

Nestling between the cliffs of Ponta da Piedade and featuring calm waters of a beautiful turquoise hue, this beach offers monumental natural beauty that can be explored by boat trips, making their way to the end of Ponta da Piedade, passing rocks and crevices along the way.

Marinha Beach, Lagoa

Praia da Marinha, also known as Praia Dourada, is a renowned beach, one of the most beautiful in Europe, present in the Michelin Guide.

It is situated in the same region as the Gruta de Benegil, one of the Algarve’s main tourist attractions. Its own attractions count crystal clear turquoise coloured sea, huge rocky walls and a huge scope of marine life to observe on an incredible underwater tour.

Falesia Beach, Olhos de Água

This beach gets its name precisely from the reddish-coloured cliff rocks that line the extensive shore of the region.

The beauty of the gradient of the reddish colours of the cliffs turning orange and later make this beach one of the most beautiful and popular in Portugal, being, according to Tripadvisor Traveler’s Choice, among the 25 best beaches in the world.

What are the best Northen Portugal beaches

Although the beaches of the Algarve are the most popular, the beaches in northern Portugal also boast beauty, rich culture, fauna and flora and excellent experiences for visitors.

We will also list 5 beaches in the north of Portugal, but if you want more, do a quick search for the country’s northern coast; as a recommendation, we leave the beaches of Vila do Conde and the 8 km walk with impressive landscapes that you can do there to visit 12 beaches in one day!

Canto Marinho Beach, Viana do Castelo

For those looking to enjoy tranquillity and nature, Canto Marinho Beach is the ideal place.

The beach itself is not suitable for bathing, since it is surrounded by rocky banks that can be seen at low tide, but it has many shallow pools suitable for paddling. The beach is also surrounded by dunes, holly and marram grass and is part of a protected environmental area.

Póvoa de Varzim Beach, Póvoa de Varzim

Póvoa de Varzim is a city that has always lived in function of the sea, so its beaches and the tourism turned to them started since being. The main beach is Póvoa de Varzim beach and the underlying ones are Praia Redonda, Praia de Carvalhido and Praia da Salgueira, besides others.

As an urban beach, Póvoa de Varzim has a good infrastructure both on and off the beach, with activities aimed at entertaining the crowds of visitors during the day and night. This all makes it one of the most popular beaches in northern Portugal.

Moledo Beach, Caminha

Of all, the most beautiful beach in northern Portugal. With crystal clear waters, an extensive stretch of golden sand and another of pine forest, mountain views and a small rocky islet, Moledo has a charm that sets it apart from the other beaches in the region.

It still has an excellent infrastructure, with bars, restaurants, parking, lifeguards and blind rentals.

North Beach and Nazaré Beach, Nazaré

The town of Nazaré is small, but its beaches are home to giant waves. It was on Praia do Norte, in Canyon Nazaré, that Garrett McNamara, American big-wave surfer, entered the record book by riding a 30-metre wave. That’s why many championships take place on this beach, accompanied by the privileged view of the Fort of São Miguel Arcano.

However, beginner surfers and bathers enjoy the small town of Nazaré Beach, which is considerably quieter.

São Paio Beach, Vila do Conde

São Paio Beach, approximately 10 km south of Vila do Conde, is flanked by granite rocks which ensure it from waves and strong winds. It is undeveloped but has a charming bar/restaurant.

Despite the difficult access, the experience of visiting this beach is complete, counting with a historical heritage the stones with marks of Viking use and the famous Castro de São Paio, a walk from São Paio along the coast of Vila do Conde and of course a lovely beach.

Ideas to do at night in a beach town in Portugal

The best thing about beach towns and cities is that there is no end to their attractions! During the day you can enjoy sunbathing and the beach, as well as doing some sports, either on the sand or in the water, and at night, the parties, the lights and the walks show you a new (and very funny) side of these cities.

Check out these ideas for nightlife in a beach town in Portugal and enjoy a spectacular experience:

  • Take a sunset cruise

The nightly fun can begin just before dusk on a sunset boat trip. Imagine the view of the beautiful beaches mentioned here with the magnificent colours of the sun’s rays colouring the clouds and giving an even more special touch to the blue tones of the sea? It’s spectacular! Take advantage of this activity in Lagos or in Marina and walk along the cliffs, caves and other natural beauties of these beaches.

  • Going to bars and restaurants

Bars and restaurants are a highlight of nightlife in all of Portugal, however, in beach towns they are even better. You’re sure to find live music, top-quality wines, custom cocktails, dancing and tasty cuisine. Whether in the more urban beach towns or the more picturesque beach villages, bars and restaurants in town centres or near the harbours are great nightlife activities.

  • Going to parties and boat parties

Going to a party after a day on the beach is the best way to close the day with a golden key. In Pedras Amarelas, in praia da Galé, there are guest DJ’s that play after dinner; in Lisbon and Porto the parties are affordable and end up in the city streets; in Albufeira the stag parties are very popular, besides other thematic parties, as well as group holidays; in Alvor, the nearby town of Praia da Rocha, generous happy hours are famous in the region. Also enjoy the parties on the boats available on some beaches.

  • Going to clubs

The clubs are for those who want to enjoy the whole night, usually starting after midnight and going until dawn, with lots of coloured lights, music and dancing. The best recommendations are: the Katedral, on Rocha beach; Plano B and The Gin Club, in Porto; Kiss, Club Vida, Capitulo, Le Club, Lick and Heaven in Albufeira; and Cais do Pirata, in Lisbon. If you want a party with beach and heat, music, agitation, DJs, lounge by the sea, pool and good food, log on to NoSoloAgua to find out more about this club.

  • Wine Tasting

Wines are an attraction in itself, from their production to the appreciation of their taste. Therefore, tasting wines in one of the many Port wine houses is a popular night activity. Another option involving wines is to choose one of the best wines offered in the bars and wine houses, take it to the top of the Serra do Pilar and taste the wine while enjoying the sunset view over the Douro river, which may well be an activity for couples, if that is what you are looking for.

  • Visit oceanariums

Oceanariums are also a great night-time activity in Portugal’s beach cities and a family outing. In Parque das Nações, Lisbon, there is the largest aquarium in Europe, being full of varieties of marine animals, with an underwater forest and many shows for children.

How much do i need to live in a Beach Towns in Portugal?

And if after seeing all these beaches you wanted to live or know how much it costs to live in these cities? Well, we have an estimate of the cost of living in these cities for you.

Considering that most of these beach towns are in the Algarve, our monthly estimate for a couple is for that region.

Rent – Apartment (2 bedrooms furnished)$ 600 a $ 1.900
Water, electricity, cooling and heating$ 150
Internet, television and telephone$ 90
Food$ 200 a $ 400
TransportOwn car$ 220
Train (pass)$ 55
Bus$ 122
Health care plan$ 100
Extras (festivities and excursions)$ 80 a $ 120
Total$ 1.275 a $ 2.980

Note: T2 is a flat with 2 bedrooms. T0 is a studio, T1 one bedroom and so on.

Of course you should keep in mind that these are average values and may vary a little more depending on the region you go to, especially on rent and, as a particular matter, on transportation and its use. However, the values will stay around this estimate.

Frequently Asked Question about Beaches in Portugal

What are the most affordable beach towns in Portugal according the locals?

Some of the most affordable beach towns in Portugal include Cascais, Ericeira, and Peniche. These towns offer a variety of beaches, restaurants, and activities at relatively low prices compared to other popular beach destinations in the country.
We put below the best beaches in Portugal, with other’s opinion, review and comments.
Best beaches in Portugal with review and comments

We have also listed the Best and Cheapest hostels in Lisbon, with prices starting on 20€/day. Click here.

What are some budget-friendly accommodation options in the affordable beach towns in Portugal?

Yes, some budget-friendly accommodation options in the affordable beach towns in Portugal include hostels, vacation rentals, and camping sites. These options can offer significant cost savings compared to traditional hotels. We listed on this link the best options for you, chet it out!
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Cheapest hotels and hostels in Albufeira
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Are there any affordable beach towns in Portugal that are also known for their nightlife?

Yes, some affordable beach towns in Portugal that are also known for their nightlife include Albufeira and Praia da Rocha. These towns offer a variety of bars, clubs, and restaurants that can provide entertainment and nightlife options for travelers on a budget.
We listed below some of the best attractions on the main beach towns in Portugal
Best attractions and things to do in Nazare
Best attractions and things to do in Lisbon
Best attractions and things to do in Porto
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Are there any affordable beach towns in Portugal that are also known for their surf scene?

Yes, some affordable beach towns in Portugal that are also known for their surf scene include Peniche and Ericeira. These towns offer a variety of surf spots for all skill levels, as well as surf schools and rental shops for those who are new to the sport.
We listed below the mais surf attraction in Peniche and Ericeira. Join the locals and have fun 😉
Best surfing plans in Peniche
Best surfing plans in Ericeira

Are there any affordable beach towns in Portugal that are also known for their cultural attractions?

Yes, some affordable beach towns in Portugal that are also known for their cultural attractions include Cascais and Lagos. These towns offer a variety of museums, historical sites, and cultural events that can provide an enriching experience for travelers on a budget.

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