Is Europe really expensive? 20 expensive and cheap countries

Is Europe really expensive? 20 expensive and cheap countries

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Many times we think about travelling, but when we think about the expenses we can get discouraged, right? So if you want to go to Europe, it is of paramount importance that you have in mind the cheapest and most expensive places to visit, which one fits your budget without harming your financial life and a way to save so that it is a pleasant trip.

Luckily, in this article you will find not only the list of countries in Europe, from the expensive to the cheapest, but also the average daily cost in each country, cheaper hotels and even recommendations of places for you who want to have a budget trip! So, buckle up and venture into this sea of valuable information!

Complete list: 20 expensive and cheap countries in Europe

Have you ever wondered which are the most expensive and cheapest countries to travel to? It is certainly an important piece of information, even more so if you intend to visit the place. It is necessary to be prepared financially so that it is not only a pleasant trip, but also one that fits in your pocket! So, check the average daily cost of each country as well.

However, remember that prices may vary according to the increase or decrease of the currency, so always stay up to date and if you want to save money, travel when the price of the euro is low!

The most expensive:


You will spend about Sfr 202 ($219) on the daily rate, 43 francs ($47) on meals for a day and 27 francs ($29) on local transport. The country has about 8.637 million people and contains many lakes, mountains, villages and high peaks of the Alps. Some of the most visited destinations by tourists are the cities Zurich and Geneva.

Speaking of hotels, the cheapest you can find are B&B Hotel Zurich Airport Rumlang which is close to the airport, has 3.7 stars and is very good for you who are traveling alone, on business or as a couple. The cost is Sfr 62.72 ($60.43) per night. Another recommendation that offers great food, breakfast included, close to public transport and maintains wonderful service, is the Rheinfelderhof which has a daily rate of Sfr 56.37 ($51.80).


Other travellers spent around 1,026 kr (US $116) per day, including kr278 ($31) on meals for the day and kr 162 ($18) on local transport. Norway has around 5.379 million inhabitants, besides being a Scandinavian country that encompasses mountains, glaciers and coastal fjords. If you wish to visit the place, know that Oslo and Bergen are the most visited places by tourists.

Clearly there are a variety of hotels that might suit you, some of them are the Sildvika Camping which has 4 star rating, offering great location and a daily rate of kr 148.73 ($16.91); the Dal Gjestegaard which is a 3 star accommodation with swimming pool, the daily rate is kr 198.25 ($22.54).

United Kingdom

The total daily rate is £122 ($163), which can vary depending on your food, choice of transport and accommodation. Previous travellers have spent an average of £30 ($40) on meals for a day and £23 ($31) on local transport. The United Kingdom is an island nation, situated in northwestern Europe, with 67.22 million people. Two of the most visited destinations by travellers and tourists are London and Edinburgh.

Now, if you want to know about the cheapest hotels, know that St Christopher ‘s Inn Village is well recommended, as it has public transport nearby and a restaurant on site, you will have to pay £11.17 ($15.15). Another possibility is The Steam Engine, Waterloo that addresses a modern environment, with bar, restaurant and great services, having the daily rate of £11.95 ($16.21).


If you are aiming for a very simple budget on accommodation, transport and food, you may need around US $65-75 per day, however if you want to visit some museums you can add around US$80 + USD per day. However, if you want a middle ground between the two, eating cheaply but going out sometimes, the cost could be $90 daily. With 10.35 million inhabitants, Sweden is a nation with thousands of coastal islands and lakes scattered about. Not only that, some of the most visited places by tourists are Stockholm and Gothenburg.

If you are looking for cheaper hotels that will help you save money, Camp Viking is a perfect option, it has excellent ratings and the daily rate is $9.34. Camp Mid Adventure is an option for those who like physical exercise, the cost per night ranges from $11.10 to higher prices.


Ever wondered how much you would spend per day in France?  Find out that it could be around €186 ($210). Previous travellers have spent, on average, €33 ($38) on meals for a day and €24 ($27) on local transport. The place has 67.39 million inhabitants, so France is bustling, not only with residents, but with the thousands of tourists who visit the country throughout the year. From medieval towns to coastal beaches, the place itself attracts all kinds of people. In addition, two of the most visited destinations are Paris and Provence.

As for the cheapest hotels, we can be quoting the Dan Inn Franca & Conventions which offers a swimming pool and even free parking, with a daily rate of €23.86 ($27.04); another accommodation available is the Ibis Styles France which offers a modern environment, great food and also free parking, you will pay a daily rate of €25.27 ($28.63).


The average daily expenditure is 137 euros ($155), of which 36 ($41) are for meals for one day and 21 ($24) for local transport. Holland has an average of 17.44 million inhabitants, the Dutch population is considered one of the highest in the world. Obviously the most visited destinations by tourists annually are Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Moreover, there are hotels that really make the trip worthwhile, these being: Ardoer Holiday Rheezerwold which is extremely visited by families, having the daily rate of €3.43 ($3.89) per person. Another accommodation is ClinkNOORD which has great room services and is close to public transport, the daily rate is €32.44 ($36.76).


Other previous travellers have spent an average of €117 ($133) per day on their holiday in Austria, with around €30 ($34) on meals for the day and €20 ($23) on local transport. The country has around 8.917 million inhabitants and features Baroque architecture in its cities, with mountain villages and a rugged alpine terrain. Vienna and Salzburg are the most frequently visited places by tourists, thus becoming the best known destinations.

Finally, if you’re looking to stay but don’t know which hotels are the cheapest, check out the A&O Salzburg Hauptbahnhof, which not only has good food but also accepts even pets! The daily rate is around €28.85 ($32.69). Wolfgang’s is a great option for those who like cooler air-conditioned environments and exercise, as the hotel has its own gym for guests. The daily cost is €28.07 ($31.81).


To sustain a day in Italy, you should spend about €132 ($150), €21 ($24) on local transport and €36 ($41) on meals for a full day. Italy covers 59.55 million inhabitants and is a European country with a long Mediterranean coastline. Did you know that Rome and Venice are the most visited destinations by visitors?

Not only that, there are also cheap hotels that logically make your trip worthwhile. Two good examples are: B&B Hotel Palermo Quattro Canti which has great rooms and is a three star hotel, with the daily rate of €21.99 ($24.92); and Roma Camping in Town which is a luxurious setting with hot tub, perfect for couples, the cost per night is €20.43 ($23.15).


The daily cost is €144 ($129), including €34 ($39) for food for one day and €14 ($16) for local transport. Belgium has 11.56 million inhabitants and is known for its medieval cities. By the way, Bruges and Antwerp are the most visited destinations by tourists.

Some of the cheapest and most recommended hotels are Hostel Generation Europe which offers great service, air-conditioning and free Wi-Fi, for 30.10 ($34.11) a night and the MEININGER Hotel Bruxelles Gare du Midi which has modern decor and accepts pets, the cost per night is 40.71 ($46.13).


If you wish to travel to Denmark, the average daily cost will be around kr1,200 DKK ($174) for a single person. Denmark has around 5.831 million inhabitants and is a Scandinavian country which comprises the Jutland peninsula and several other islands. Copenhagen and Arhus are the most popular destinations for tourists. Visit this website if you want to check the daily rates.

Now, if you want to know the price of the cheapest hotels, a good option is the A&O Hostel København Nørrebro that accepts pets and offers a great bar, with the daily rate of €30.57 ($34.64).

The cheapest


You will spend about ư100 ($58) per day on your holiday in Bulgaria, which is the average daily price based on other people’s expenses. You generally spend ư24 ($14) on meals and ư20 ($12) on local transport. It is among the most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe, having around 6.927 million people and receives many tourists throughout the year.

If you want to find out about local hotels, there are several websites that can help you, however, the most affordable accommodation that stands out is M Hostel Musala, with 4.2 stars, the daily rate is US $13.91; the Moreto & Caffeto, with 4.3 star rating, the daily rate is US $15.85; and finally, Hostel 123, which has a daily rate of US $14.62 and a 4.1 rating.


The total daily rate is around zł 210 ($52) with local transport ranging from zł19 ($4.72) and zł52 ($13) with food. The population is around 37.95 million and the country boasts a beautiful route through rich history, beautiful cities and great scenery, attracting some tourists to Krakow and Warsaw.

If you want a hotel that will consequently fit in your pocket, there is no shortage of options: there is the Historic Torun Central Rooms with a daily rate of US $9.33; the Schronisko nad Smolnikiem which is very well rated, the daily cost is US $9.86 and there is a highly recommended restaurant; we cannot forget the Premium Hostel, where the cost is US $15.50 and it has a great rating.


The average daily cost is 306 leis, counting spending 104 leis on daily meals and 79 leis on local transport. It has a population of around 19.29 million, attracting people who do not want to spend so much money, given that the country has much lower prices than neighbouring countries. Two of the most visited destinations are Bucharest and Brasov square.

We cannot forget to mention the cheapest hotels, so you can stay in a much more economical way: there is the Györgyicze falusi vendéglátás, with 4.9 rating and the daily rate is US $8.28 (great deals by the way); another possibility is the Resort California, costing US $14.27.


Transport is 3,450 Ft ($11 equivalent) and 6,425 Ft (US $20), in all, the daily cost could be Ft24,259 (US $74). The population is 9.75 million, most are Hungarians. The place itself features incredible historical monuments and stunning architecture, attracting some tourists to the very famous Budapest Parliament and the history of Hungary’s formation.

If we’re going to recommend some of the cheapest hotels, we can’t help but include Hostel One Budapest, with 4.7 reviews and a daily rate of US $67.3 and also Avenue Hostel, worth US $76.20 and 4.1 stars daily.


The total daily rate is €91 ($103) taking local transport 16 ($18) and food 27 ($30). Latvia has a population of 1.902 million, situated on the Baltic Sea. The people are located closer to the urban centres, making the place unevenly populated. The most visited destinations are the Capital of Latvia, called Riga, which is a totally medieval city; and Jümula which has an incredible museum.

One of the most recommended hotels is the Sporthotel, which has a 4.2 star rating and the average daily rate is €12.80 (US $14.45). If you want to save money, here lies a perfect opportunity.


Previous travellers have spent a total of €108 ($123) per day, with transport costing around €32 ($37) and food €21 ($24) daily. The population is 10.31 million, which justifies the amount of tourists who like to visit Portugal. Two extremely well-known destinations are Lisbon and Porto, which is the District of Ribeira.

Regarding the cheapest hotels, the Casablanca Inn is recommended with 3.9 ratings, with a daily rate of £19.51 ($22.02) and the HI Guimarães (a hostel) with 4.2 stars and a daily rate of $3.88.

Czech Republic

You will spend an average of Kč 2,050 (US $93), Kč 490 ($22) on meals and Kč178 ($8.05) on local transport. Czech Republic boasts a population of 10.7 million, situated in Central Europe, a country known for its castles, local beers and long history. Two places well visited by tourists are Prague and Český Krumlov, another amazing medieval town.

If we are going to mention one of the most economical hotels, obviously MoravaCamp Hotel & Campsite that keeps the daily rate of €8.27 (US $9.34) and 4.2 star rating should be part of this list, besides being very economical, it has great comments from former visitors about the accommodation.


The average cost is €123 ($140), spending €32 ($36) on meals and €24 ($27) on transport daily. Greece has a population of around 10.72 million and two of the most popular destinations for tourists are Athens and Santorini. The country is considered the cradle of western civilisation and is very influential in antiquity.

When talking about cheap hotels in Greece, the Sun And Sea Apartments has a great highlight, the daily rate is €14.81 (US $16.73) with a 4.2 star rating. The Butterfly Hotel is another great choice if you want cheap accommodation, the rating is 4.0 stars and the daily rate is €16.38 (US$18.50).


Former travellers spent €119 ($135) per day, including €32 ($36) for a meal in one day and €22 ($25) for local transport. With 47.35 million inhabitants, Spain is a European country on the Iberian Peninsula. The most visited and best known places are Barcelona and Madrid.

If you are looking for hotels, there is a great possibility and recommendation for you: Dreta de l’Eixample, with the daily rate costs €22.93, which is equivalent to $25.90 dollars. This accommodation is close to public transport, offers you a restaurant, breakfast included, great ambiance and with a wonderful bar. It’s a perfect opportunity to save money and get a good night’s sleep.


On average you will spend €121 ($137) daily. €19 ($22) on local transport and €32 ($36) on meals. With over 83.24 million people, Germany receives many visitors and tourists. Two of the most visited places are Munich which has the annual Oktoberfest and Berlin, plus the country is situated in western Europe.

There is a variety of accommodation, however, one of the cheapest and most recommended is the St Christopher’s Inn Berlin Mitte which offers an incredible €24.95 ($28.18) per night, has great service, a 4.3 star rating and is close to public transport.


Now that you know the daily costs of the most expensive and cheapest countries in Europe, all that’s left is to buy your ticket and make your trip! Remember to search for the most affordable prices, whether in restaurants, accommodation, transport and others. If you want to check the hotel prices, it is advisable that you search and compare values on the internet, after all, many times you can find unmissable offers that fit in your pocket. Finally, go to the destination that suits you best and that will not break your budget.

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