Do you know the mandatory health form for travel in Europe in the pandemic?

Do you know the mandatory health form for travel in Europe in the pandemic?

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Table of Contents

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What is the health form and why should you fill it in? The Mandatory health form for travel in Europe is one of the documents required by the Spanish government to ensure the safety of travel in this pandemic context, by means of which an evaluation of the passengers with regard to COVID-19 is carried out. All people who are traveling to Spain by air or sea, including those arriving in transit to other countries, children of all ages and residents of Spain who are returning to the country must complete a Health Control Form before departure, obtain their QR and present it at boarding and health controls upon arrival in Spain. Each country has a step by step how to complete the form, this is the one for Spain. In this article we will look at how to complete the form by air via the Spain Travel Health SpTH app (Android, iOS).

How to fill in the form through the Spain Travel Health SpTH app?

Want to fill out the form, but don’t know where to start? Rest assured that we will teach you step by step how to use the application quickly and easily. Once the app is opened there is a welcome screen, then a screen instructing you on the steps you need to take before you travel:

  1. Before your trip you need to fill out the form to get your QR Code.
  • At the airport when prompted at checkpoint you will scan this QR Code that was generated on your form.
  • During your stay in Spain you have contact numbers in case you need to ask for help.

Who should complete the health form?

All passengers traveling to Spain, regardless of the country and their nationality, age and any other consideration must complete the health form. Each form is personal and non-transferable, and is associated to a single trip, i.e. each different trip you make to Spain you must complete a new form, in case the passenger is a minor or a dependent/disabled person, the form can be completed by their legal guardian.

How to fill in?

To fill The Mandatory health form for travel in Europe, on the first screen of the application in the lower left corner you can see “Start Form”, where you can fill out your form and to your right is written “My trips”, that once completed the form it will be associated in this place where you can view all the forms that you have already filled. How about understanding a little more of how the form works?


How does the form work?

Whenever you get in the Spanish Health Website, will appears a popup asking to continue the process. Then they ask if you will travel by plane or maritime. Choose according your case. The image bellow show how it is.

Spanish Health & Traveling Form

After doing that you can choose between INDIVIDUAL FORM OR FAMILY/GROUP FORM, as bellow.

Spanish Health and Traveling Form

Before starting the form you must sign a term of conditions of veracity of your information, and of agreement that the data provided by you will be used for the purpose of ensuring the control of COVID-19 and health care. The person responsible for processing your data is the Spanish Ministry of Health. After agreeing to these terms you will be forwarded to the first page of the form where you must enter your personal information, such as:

  • Your full name
  • Your ID number,
  • Passport number
  • Flight number
  • Date of arrival in Spain.
Mandatory health form for travel in Europe

On the next page, after pressing the “continue” button you will put your flight information:

  • Airline
  • Flight number
  • Seat number
  • Date of arrival in Spain

It is important to emphasize that you must fill out the Mandatory health form for travel in Europe form 24 hours before the flight after having made the online check-in, because some information such as the seat number will only be available at the time you have checked in. Then simply enter the address information where you will be staying: name of the hotel, the street and number of the residence, and the city. Once the form is completed it will generate your QR Code, it will be associated in “My trips” just click and then the QR Code will appear. In addition to this information, they ask for a contact in Spain, if you do not have one you can put the phone number of the hotel where you will stay, the history of where you have been in the last 14 days, the countries you have been, the information of your vaccine, the vaccination certificate, which vaccine you took and the date. Once completed the form will generate the QR Code that will be used upon arrival in Spain to present to the authorities at the checkpoint, or there will be a scanner to show at the health control area. You need to upload your vaccination certificate, Spain requires that you have the certificate to enter the Spanish territory, once uploaded it will generate your seat number, with this you can complete the completion of your health form.

Have you checked in online, filled out the health form, have you got your vaccination certificate? It’s time to go to the airport. If the boarding procedure was smooth, at the time of landing in Spain you will need to get in a queue for the checkpoint in which you will need to scan your QR Code from the health form that you filled out, at that moment if you followed all the steps determined here will appear at the airport of Seville in Spain a little green hand indicating that everything is okay and that you can enter the country without problems. After you pass the QR Code you receive a message informing the contact that you have at the destination you will stay, and if you need to contact the health authorities you have an emergency phone number, an email welcoming you to Spain with the same contact information. If you have not followed all the steps  in this article at the checkpoint a yellow hand will appear indicating that you will have to go to the airport health control. The yellow hand can occur due to incomplete information, for being without vaccination certificate and in this case you will have to go through a more detailed examination in health control or by sample. Remembering that in health control you can have a check of documentation to verify that everything is correct and if you have all the requirements, or you may be asked to do a test on the spot, this test is funded by the Spanish government, it is a rapid antigen test, if negative you will be released and if positive you may be asked to enter a period of quarantine.

Learn more about the Health Check-Up Form and how to travel to Spain

These were the procedures on how to fill out the Mandatory health form for travel in Europe (this case, travel to Spain), following all the steps mentioned and in possession of the required documents, such as the form, history of the last 14 days, vaccination certificate, and your vaccination information will be a simple task to perform. This article has focused on filling out the form by air via the Spain Travel Health SpTH app (Android, iOS), but there is another way to fill out the form at http://www.spth.gob.es/. In addition, if you are travelling by sea (ferry) the form must be completed via the website https://spthm.puertos.es/, and if you are travelling by land you do not need to complete the form.

A tip is if you are going to another country and want to consult this respective health form, download the application “Re-open EU”, in it you find  the rules of each of the European countries, which are the required documents with official links to the government websites and also if you have the need to fill out the health form and how to fill out the specific form you want to the country you intend to be visiting. In addition to the form learn more about What you need to travel to Europe in 2022, do not leave to plan last minute, because you may end up forgetting something…


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