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Cheap flight to Lisbon (Portugal) for only 21 euros on holidays this summer

Cheap flight to lisbon

The city of Lisbon offers you several ways to get to know it. It has the bus with a panoramic view (famous hop on hop off), electric trams, tuc tuc. It is a city that is very pleasant to discover on foot, you get off at a main point and walk around this region discovering the places. Discover the Belém Tower, Praça do Comércio, the Padrão do Descobrimento, eat pastel de nata, cod, visit the beaches of Sintra and Costa da Caparica, go to Nazaré on a 1-day round trip, take 2 days to visit o Porto, pass the Golden Gate of Lisbon, the bridge created in honor of the American Golden Gate.

We have selected for you the cheapest flights of the moment to Lisbon, from 21 euros you can buy your ticket on WayAway and go visit this incredible island.

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The Cheapest Flight Prices to Lisbon

What Are You Missing in Lisbon?

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